In Security, CO, two big, beautiful St. Bernards were out for a walk the other day and managed to get themselves in a watery jam.  Seems they decided to explore a drainage ditch near Grand Blvd. and Aspen Dr. and wound up in chest high water and couldn’t get out. Luckily for them, the Security Fire Department came to their rescue and with the exception of a few bumps and scrapes and being quite soggy, they’re fine and were taken off to the Humane Society.

Sadly these those sweeties had no collars or tags and are listed as strays. Their owner(s) have 5 days to claim them (from 9/23/09) or up for adoption they go.

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Know anyone who wants a St. Bernard? Hopefully someone comes to claim or adopt these big guys soon. Just amazes me to see two beautiful dogs like this as strays.

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