Nagy, arrested for animal abuseA 22-year-old Hillsboro man, Brandon Matthew Nagy of 860 NE Sunrise Lane, was arrested on Tuesday after a neighbor’s complaint that he was beating his dog and not for the first time either!

When police arrived, they found Nagy, hands and shoes smeared with blood. He initially denied owning a dog but eventually admitted owning Kahula, a pit bull who was found injured in the garage.

“Nagy stated he did not own a dog, and later admitted that he had a dog. The dog was located in the garage of the residence,” said Lt. Michael Rouches with Hillsboro Police.Kahula, beaten, kicked and thrown by Nagy, recovering

Witnesses told of seeing Nagy kicking the dog and throwing her against a backyard shed. The dog’s injuries bear this out.

“Based on the witness statements and injuries found on the dog’s head and tail area, and the fact that Nagy had blood smeared on his hands and shoes, they had probable cause to arrest him for animal abuse-2,” Rouches said.

Kahula was taken to Dove Lewis Pet Hospital and treated for wounds to her head and tail as well as cuts and bruises.

Nagy, a convicted felon with prior drug charges was arrested for animal abuse as well as a weapons charge when the police found an AK-47 concealed under his bed.

He was arrested and taken to Washington County Jail where he was charged with second-degree animal abuse and for possession of a firearm by a felon.

Kahula is recovering from her grievous abuse at the hospital.

Yeah, we got a real ‘tough guy’ here beating and abusing an innocent and defenseless animal! Wonder how this tough guy would do up against a real man? People like this are nothing but cowardly bullies!! Love to see him get his comeuppance!

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