By now I think everyone knows in what high regard I hold those in rescue. Their efforts save hundreds and thousands of dogs and animals from sure death every day. They are the last chance and they usually give their everything. They are not in it for the money or glory but for the love of the dog and animals they rescue.

This being the case, I believe there is a special place in hell for people who pose as rescuers, playing on the soft-hearts of people and pawning off puppy mill and BYB dogs as rescued dogs. They often charge high ‘adoption fees’ and say the dogs came from shelters or auctions and they rescued and cared for them at great expense to themselves.

Got a heads-up last night from friend and associate, Mary O’Conner-Shaver of about someone who I will let you decide just what category they fall into, breeder, broker or rescue. I will say that this one pisses me off to the extreme because she’s basically in the ‘backyard’ as the saying goes!

Here is an ad that was placed on Craigslist;

Bring a new love into your life, see our website:
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Date: 2008-09-08, 8:57PM

See our website:

Are you looking for a little sweety to liven up your home and your heart? Our website address is: or call 715-832-9091.

If you have a pet who needs a new home contact me at:, surrendering is at no cost to you. Our facility is funded by Adoption fees, donations, and loving foster homes. We are Eau Claire, WI only NO KILL facility, self funded & non profit.

Since 2004 I have been certified as a Wisconsin Humane officer by the NACA and operate as non-profit. Please read my website where I have many details about myself and animals: My heart breaks everytime I think of the million dollar facilities who get paid thousands and thousands of dollars to supposedly care for animals and they instead put them down after a few short days, yes they actually kill them. We are, to my knowledge, currently Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s only NO KILL facility. We work hard to keep these wonderful animals alive. Please be sure if you are surrendering to any shelter any where that you read the fine print to be sure your animal will not be euthanized when you walk out their door. I loose thousands and thousands of dollars yearly caring for these animals and I do not collect a salary. My families time, efforts and hard work are all done because of our love of animals, there is no pay check, only expensive animal feeds and more work.

This is our very expensive hobby, not our job or our pay check.Read more about us online at: or call 715-832-9091.

a.. Location: Eau Claire, WI
b.. it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Original URL:

Now, if you check out the website – – you will see that the person running this is one Teresa A. Hestekin. If you a little further research you will quickly find out that Teresa Hestekin is a breeder, she has pages of dogs for sale on PuppyFind, the breeder listed as Hestekin Hills.

The following was posted as a response to her ad on Craigslist: is a BREEDER!!!–“Hestekin Hills”
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Date: 2008-09-09, 6:39AM

Don’t let that ad fool you. She says that she is NOT a breeder but I know for a FACT that she is. She is owner of Hestekin Hills (Teresa Hestekin). She and her husband breed at least 8 breed plus mixes! She charges anywhere from $300 to $1500+ for her puppies! Plus she will SHIP them to you! She says she is nonprofit but obviously she is making a profit. And don’t buy her lies, this is her way of making a living. Business is slow for breeders, so she wants your unwanted dogs so she can slap a big adoption fee on them and adopt them out herself and make money on them. It’s one thing if she wants to help a homeless animal and adopt it out for a REASONABLE fee, but that is not what she is doing. If it is a purebred she might even breed it! Even if you were looking to buy a purebred, I would never recommend buying a dog from her. Now she has just proven herself a liar to everyone on Craigslist.

She is a “backyard breeder”, and what a lot of people in the dog world call a puppy mill since she breeds so many different kinds of dogs and has many litters at a time, and even breeds “designer dogs” which are mutts, even though she charges hundreds of dollars for them.

If you don’t believe me, just check out this web site: cbde5236a5ab

If you can’t just click on it, copy and paste it in your browser. You’ll see 3 pages of her puppies that she bred that she is selling for obscene amounts of money. She made the as a cover. You can even type in her name “Teresa Hestekin” or “Hestekin Hills” in a search engine and it comes up with a bunch of stuff on her and her breeding operation.

Remember, she is a breeder, NOT a rescuer. She has dollar signs in her eyes.

DO NOT give your dog to her, you are much better off rehoming it yourself or taking it to the local shelter. Teresa houses MANY dogs and puppies at one time, so there is no way your dog would even get as much attention as it would at a shelter. If you have a dog you need to rehome, don’t give it to a mass production breeder like Teresa Hestekin at Hestekin Hills. It’s not safe. Yes, Teresa, we know your game. Find somewhere else to pedal your lies because we are sick of it.

a.. Location: EC
b.. it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Original URL:

Both Criagslist postings have since been flagged for removal.

I’ve mentioned the notorious Torp, WI dog auction, there’s one coming up soon, well, Teresa is one of our lovely Wisconsin breeders that has had at least one dog in the auction because that dog was rescued and you can see a little more info HERE. Just scroll down the page a little and you will see ‘Dude’ and the info on him.

Also along with the warning was a notice that not only is she a breeder, but she also buys puppies from a rather notorious Wisconsin puppy miller;

All, please be aware that a WI breeder is posing as a no-kill shelter/rescue and trying to advertise her puppies that she breeds as rescued pups and charging a huge fee. Also, she buys other puppies from Wanda McDuffee, a well-known and horrendous breeder here in Little Falls, MN (McDuffee is very well known to those us of fighting puppy mills in MN).

MARY O’C-SHAVER’S NOTES: Read Wanda’s profile on – >

Oh, and oddly enough, if you look at some of the dogs available for adoption at her site and some of the puppies listed for sale on PuppyFind, I think you’ll see some of the faces look familiar on both websites.

So, I’ve listed alot of publicly available information as well as information that was passed along to me from a trusted source, you can check this out yourself, the websites, tell me what you think??

Teresa Hestekin – Breeder… Broker… Rescuer??

Special thanks to Mary O’Conner-Shaver, Jan Karpel and Beverly Kauth for their dedication, for the love of the dogs!

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