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Update 3/26/09 – Breeder Who Dumped Dogs at Shelter Back in Business Again – VIDEO

Now I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings on this one. Galen Roumpf, an Albuquerque dog breeder of Labradors for 14 years, has been dumping his unwanted, unsellable adult Labs at an east side Albuquerque animal shelter for several weeks now.

Taking advantage of the city’s “Open Arms Policy” at shelters, Roumpf has dumped 33 full grown Labs, 10 just this past Friday.He says he can’t afford to be in the business anymore with the economy and is getting out after 14 years but still considers himself a ‘responsible breeder.’

So far the shelter has been able to find homes for the dogs but they have to foot the expenses for spaying and neutering, shots, exams, microchipping and incidentals. Luckily, the dogs have been in good shape.

But Roumpf is apologizing for dumping the dogs or leaving the shelter to foot the bill and he still has 20 more dogs at his home. Most likely these will wound up at the shelter too.

Now, I do appreciate the fact that he didn’t just dump the dogs out in the country or ‘dispose’ of them like many breeders do but I still take umbrage to the fact that rather than trying to find home for them himself, he just dumped them at the shelter.

For 14 years this man has made his living off the back and bodies of these dogs and now when time get tough, he dumps and runs.

I’m not calling his operation a puppy mill because there is no way of knowing. His dogs have been healthy which is something that can seldom, if ever, said for puppy mills. In the video they looked good and sound. I do have to give him that but still….

He is acting reasonably responsibly but I just cannot ‘forgive’ the fact that he is taking advantage, dumping his unwanted dogs which is no different than anyone who just decides they no longer want a dog and dumps it. He reaped financial benefits for many years from these dogs and is giving nothing back, taking no responsibilty. It makes me angry that now that he is done with his business, others will have to pay to take care of the “leftovers”…

What do you think about this one?

Breeder Dumps Dogs

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