dog_with_chicken_around_neck A Southampton County, VA dog breeder, Patricia Kinlaw, is facing charges after visitor to her home was so disgusted seeing a dog with a dead chicken tied around its neck called a news station and authorities.

Kinlaw said that she was punishing the dog for killing the chicken and basically it was no one’s business. She said she’s a private facility and no one had any right to be on her property.

According to Kinlaw, “I’m not a public facility. The dog was not in any pain.”

But the witness, identified only as Donna, was outraged and sickened by the sight of the scared, shaken dog.

“I was concerned with a dead animal’s feet behind the dog’s ear and its body around her neck. She could get a bacterial infection. She could get sick,” Donna explained.

Kinlaw, facing a charge for Failure to Bury Livestock, is expected in court next month on the misdemeanor charge.

This is also not the first time this “breeder” has faced charges.

A Southampton County woman has been charged with failing to take proper care of her animals after being investigated for running an unlicensed kennel.

Patricia Cohan-Kinlaw, 61, of New Road near Ivor, was charged with two counts of failing to care for animals after police served a search warrant at her home and found 22 unlicensed dogs, including eight puppies and some adults with “open sores around the head areas, as well as dogs showing signs of infections and problems with their hips,” according to an affidavit on file from Southampton Animal Warden James Cooke.

Cooke served the warrant June 27 after an undercover officer visited the property and found that Cohan-Kinlaw had more than 10 dogs and had not obtained the proper kennel licenses. That officer also observed the health problems cited in the search warrant.

Cooke wrote in the affidavit he filed in support of the search warrant request that he had visited the property previously in the company of a state veterinarian and had noted problems with the animals. Since then, he wrote, Cohan-Kinlaw “has denied animal control further access to the property for a follow-up visit.”

In addition to dual charges of improper care, Cohan-Kinlaw is also charged with failing to secure a valid license for 22 dogs.

There seems to be complaints about her animals, dogs and horses from neighbors, including a lawsuit on 2007 due to damaging a neighbor’s property.

This woman is a constant source of problems. One of her horses got out of the fence, went about 100 feet and died on the neighbor’s property. She reported it stolen and the sheriff came around to everybody’s farm that had horses looking for it. When the neighbor found the carcass and called her, she didn’t want to have to bury it, and left it there until the neighbor called the TV station and Andy Fox came around asking questions. She has no business with ANY kind of animal. She starves them and then gets upset when people report her. Her animals get out on a regular basis, both dogs and horses. They are pitiful looking, all skin and bones, and they go onto other people’s property looking for food and tearing up things. She needs to be prosecuted and her animals taken from her.

This one incident may seem like a small incident but it’s disgusting and some of the history of this woman shows an alarming trend. People like this do not need to own dogs and certainly don’t need to breed them.  You have to wonder what else she’s done or capable of doing.

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