galen_roumpf1Last October, Galen Roumpf, an Albuquerque dog breeder, decided that he could no longer afford to operate his business of breeding Labradors so over a period of a few weeks, he dumped dozens of full grown dogs at the shelter. The shelter then had to foot the bill to have the dogs vetted; spaying, neutering, shots, microchipping, ect. and caring for until they could find home for them.

At the time I was of very mixed feelings. As I said then, I was glad that “he didn’t just dump the dogs out in the country or ‘dispose’ of them like many breeders do but I still take umbrage to the fact that rather than trying to find home for them himself, he just dumped them at the shelter.

For 14 years this man has made his living off the back and bodies of these dogs and now when times get tough, he dumps and runs.”

And now, just six months later, after the shelter has rehomed all the dogs he dumped there, he’s back in business again and may have to dump dogs at the shelter again.  There’s no mixed feeling now.  Galen Roumpf needs to be out of business.  Dog are not something you take or leave on a whim like he seems to think.  He seems to think if he has too many that the shelter is at his disposal to get rid of the extras.

His had about 2 dozen puppies and almost 20 adults and animal control says that’s too many.

He just needs to be shut down.  Let him have a couple for pets but stop allowing so many innocent lives to be placed in his hands.  He calls himself a “responsible breeder” but responsible breeders don’t dump their problems on anyone and everyone else, they take responsibility and they don’t overbreed in the first place.  He may not be a puppy mill but that doesn’t mean he’s a responsible breeder!

Read the original story and the comments…. watch the video below and let me know what you think this time!

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