BSL is wrong! That’s the bottom line here and when legislation forces a Spencer City woman to have to kill her own dog because she doesn’t think he could be successfully rehomed.

A ten year old dog would definitely be considered more of a senior dog which is difficult to rehome in the best of situations and pit bull/pit bull mixes are even harder! Go to any shelter, most likely the majority of dogs there will be pit bull breed dogs. Due to BSL and dog fighting, shelters are so overpopulated with pit bulls that they cannot find homes for and the euthanasia rate is without the highest among all breeds.

As founder and director of Second Chance Rescue Center in Sioux Falls, Rosey Quinn said breed-specific bans place an unfair burden on responsible owners and rescue shelters, which rarely accept controversial breeds like pit bulls because of liability issues.

“You’re starting to see it more and more all the time, which is not a good thing,” she said. “It’s a touchy situation.” (The Daily Republic)

So here is this woman, Cathy Magnuson, who has had her dog and loved her dog and now because of some BS legislation (no, BS does not stand for breed specific in this case!) she had to kill her dog!! What is right about this??

A Spencer woman who had been given 30 days to find a new home for her ten-year-old pit bull-mutt mix decided to euthanize the dog.

Cathy Magnuson says she doesn’t think it was right to have to give up her dog because of its breed.

In June, the Spencer City Council had changed an ordinance to include a ban of five breeds of dogs, including pit bulls.

Magnuson says she euthanized her dog, Cupcake, yesterday because she didn’t think the animal would have made a successful transition to another home.

Spencer’s mayor, Donna Ruden, said the ordinance change followed a fight involving two pit bulls in a neighborhood in which children live. She says the ruling has nothing to do with Magnuson personally but was made to protect residents.

Spencer is not alone. Some other South Dakota towns also ban pit bulls. (KXMC)

Although I will never agree with BSL, at least many of the locals will include a grandfather clause that will allow those who already own a banned breed to keep it with some restrictions. Why couldn’t they do that there??

After Magnuson received the letter informing her of the council’s decision, she appealed and asked the council to make an exemption for Cupcake.

Her request was denied.

“You can’t make an exception to an ordinance and say ‘You can have this and somebody else can’t,’ ” Ruden said. “It’s nothing against her. When somebody’s child is mauled, it’s a little too late.”

Still, Magnuson feels she has been punished for the negligence of others.

“My dog wasn’t even involved in this,” she said. “People need to take a step back and see how some of these animals are being raised. I wish people could see how good they are and how special they can be.” (The Daily Republic)

I have no problem with dangerous dog ordnances as I believe most dog owners would be in agreement as well. But to ban entire breeds of dogs because of the irresponsibility of some owners is wrong and similar laws across the country have been struck down as unconstitutional because they focus on specific breeds or genders.

It’s astonishing that BSL continues to spread even after studies have proven its fatal flaws. BSL is ruinously expensive to implement and enforce. Determining a dog’s breed or mix is extremely difficult, often resulting in mistaken identities and ensuing lawsuits. BSL does not stop dog attacks or bites. It increases the financial burden on taxpayers, animal shelters, and animal control agencies. It doesn’t stop irresponsible owners or dissuade criminals. It doesn’t educate anyone about proper dog care. In the end, the punishment is doled out solely on responsible owners and good dogs. Good dogs are confined to their homes, unable to gain valuable social skills and training opportunities – or they are simply killed. Law-abiding owners are the only ones who end up shelling out money to pay for special licenses or souped-up fences, and they are the ones whose hearts are ripped out when their sweet dog is arbitrarily deemed “dangerous” and euthanized. (StopBSL)

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