November 22, 2008 Buckeye Dog Auction (“Back to the Kennel” sale). Below is a summary of the 415 companions (188 males,227 females) expected to be placed on the auction block beginning this Saturday at approximately 9:30 AM.

But before I post the list, I’d like to talk about something very important.

I get email after email from people requesting information on these auctions, when, where, what, etc. I honestly believe that most of the people who get in touch with me have the best intentions and are honest but no doubt there are some who are nothing more than brokers claiming to be rescuers, or worse.

For those who want to help by going to the auction and rescuing dogs, you need to keep something in mind. To a degree, this situation is not much different than pet stores. As long as the demand is there, these puppy millers will continue to supply. Every dog sold just puts more money in their pockets to breed more dogs to sell whether that dog is sold to another puppy miller, a rescue or an individual.

Mary Shaver O’Conner of BanOhioDogAuctions added a note to her email with the list publication saying pretty much the same thing. Here is what she says;

As all of you are aware, BanOhioDogAuctions does not promote or encourage individuals or groups to purchase dogs from auctions or directly from puppy mill breeders. For a great many (and a growing number) of us, initiating efforts to ban the auctions is one way to take away the demand, and we strongly believe introducing legislation similar to that of PA’s statute 459-603 will impact the mills. In our opinion, as long as you have a buyer, there is always a need for the seller.

With that said, BanOhioDogAuctions will continue working with several national animal advocacy groups, as well as the media, to help fund more undercover investigations of puppy mills, dog auctions, pet stores and the entities that support and keep them in business. And of course, supporters will continue pressuring elected state and local officials (includes the Holmes County, OH Commissioners) to also support a ban on dog auctions.

If you would like to share your concerns regarding the Buckeye Dog Auctions, I would encourage you to:

1. Write (or fax) letters to the Holmes County Commissioners (Joe Miller, Richard Graven and David Hall) asking them to support a ban on OH dog auctions. Emphasize that you will not be spending any dollars in Holmes County until this event no longer takes place in their community!

The contact information is:

2 Court Street, Ste 14
Millersburg, OH 44654-2001
Phone: 330-674-0286
Fax: 330-674-0566

2. Ask the same from all your friends (don’t forget to include your vet!), family, co-workers and state elected officials –!

I ask that, as hard as this might be, you do this. Just like we all say, “Don’t Shop, Adopt” the same motto should follow with auctions.

If you want to be there and do something, join the peaceful protest which is usually always there, people gathered to try to end the auction cruelty.

Here in Wisconsin where I live, we also have a dog auction. It takes place in Thorp, WI, Horst Stables.

The laws are so lax there that dogs are actually auctioned off like cattle. Rescue groups swarm these auctions to save the animals. But are they helping or, actually adding to the problem?

Dog Auctions – Do Rescues Help or Hurt?

Now the list of dogs to be auctioned off:

1. Boston Terrier (4 males, 8 females)
2. Bull Terrier (0 males, 1 female)
3. Mianiature Schnauzer (1 male, 1 female)
4. Pomeranian (9 males, 18 females)
5. Pekingese (1 male, 0 females)
6. French Bulldog (5 males, 6 females)
7. Silky Terrier (7 males, 15 females)
8. Affenpinscher (0 male, 1 female)
9. Italien Greyhound (5 males, 3 females)
10. Lhasa Apso (2 males, 11 females)
11. Bishon Frise (1 male, 4 females)
12. Shih Tzus (14 males, 25 females)
13. Havanese (21 males, 22 females)
14. Pugs (1 male, 5 females)
15. Cairn Terriers (3 males, 3 females)
16. Maltese (16 males, 19 females)
17. Dachshund (3 males, 2 females)
18. Miniature and Toy Dachshund (10 males, 3 females)
19. Scottish Terrier (1 male, 2 females)
20. Papillon (3 males, 0 female)
21. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (2 males, 3 females)
22. Poodle (15 males, 5 females)
23. Yorkshire Terrier (39 males, 37 females)
24. English Bulldog (0 males, 1 female)
25. Bulldog (1 male, 0 females)
26. Mastiff (1 male, 0 females)
27. Norwegian Elkhound (0 males, 1 female)
28. Vizsla (1 male, 1 female)
29. Beagies (0 males, 2 females)
30. Doberman (5 males, 3 females)
31. German Shepherd (4 males, 0 females)
32. Basset Hound (0 males, 2 females)
33. Rottweiler (0 males, 1 female)
34. Mixed Breed (13 males, 22 females)

The last Buckeye Auction for 2008 is scheduled for 12/13

Please take the time to think.  I know it would be hard as hell for me not to try to rescue a dog that was in such desperate need as most of these are so I know that those who want to help feel the same.  Ask yourself, are you really helping or are you actually just perpetuating the cycle of cruelty and abuse?

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