The next Buckeye Dog Auction is March 21, 2009. There will be a total of 407 dogs going on the auction block including 201 dogs from a WI Kennel that is doing a “kennel sellout.”  The remaining 206 dogs are on consignment from numerous different breeders dumping their “stock.” does not promote or encourage individuals or groups to purchase dogs from auctions or directly from puppy mill breeders. For a great many (and a growing number) of us, initiating efforts to ban the auctions is one way to take away the demand, and we strongly believe introducing legislation similar to that of PA’s statute 459-603 will impact the mills. In our opinion, as long as you have a buyer, there is always a need for the seller.

With that said, BanOhioDogAuctions will continue working with several national animal advocacy groups, as well as the media, to help fund more undercover investigations of puppy mills, dog auctions, pet stores and the entities that support and keep them in business. And of course, supporters will continue pressuring elected state and local officials (includes the Holmes County, OH Commissioners) to also support a ban on dog auctions.

I want to share a quote with you from Eilene Ribbens, Founder of the WI Puppy Mill Project that applies not only to WI auction but any and all dog auction everywhere, including the Buckeye Dog Auction:

“Dog auctions are a tragic embarrassment to Wisconsin and it’s humane-minded citizens. We have been asked if people should “buy” or rescue” these dogs. We are asking for an all-out boycott of this event. We have studied the numbers from past auctions and believe that the dogs being offered at this auction are not mill cast-offs but were, in many cases, purposely bred to supply AUCTION BUYERS, including rescue groups.”

“Buying at the auction will simply mean that it will be profitable. If it is profitable it will continue and MORE dogs will be bred for sale at future Thorp Dog Auctions. That said, we do understand compassion for the dogs being sold… and know that there will be some who will buy. We understand both sides of the situation, and hope that in the long run, not buying will produce the best outcome to end these auctions altogether.”

I am in total agreement with both Mary of BanOhioDogAuctions and Eilene of the WI Puppy Mill Project, do not go to these auctions to buy! You are only helping to support this horrific industry. Those who run these auctions and those puppy millers who supply the dogs are not stupid, all they want is to fill their pockets. They know there are soft-hearted people who want to save these dogs so as long as people continue to buy, they will continue to supply.

On an interesting note, the WI Kennel Sellout is from none other than Kathy Bauck, of Pick of the Litter Kennel whose trial started yesterday.  Bauck as you may remember is facing felony charges of animal cruelty and torture.  Looks like she is trying to make some quick cash by dumping a number of her dogs.  It’s not all of them because she usually has over 1000 dogs in her hell hole of a kennel.

Even though she is is the middle of a trial, she is scheduled to be at the Auction on Saturday.

Based on a 2008 USDA report, below is a list of the number of USDA Class A licensed “commercial” breeders by state:

1. MO – 1,525
2. OK – 575
3. IA – 430
4. KS – 401
5. AR – 339
6. PA – 195
7. OH – 168 (a 600% increase in the number of Class A licensed “commercial” breeders just five years ago!)
8. NE – 153
9. TX – 115
10. SD – 102

Keep in mind, this is only the number of licensed kennels in the top ten states. There are without a doubt a large number of kennels running under the radar but even just these numbers are astounding.

Buckeye Dog Auctions. Below is the May 2009 schedule for the Buckeye Dog Auctions (all Saturday dates):

May 9 – Kennel Sellout (400 dogs are expected to be placed on the auction block)
May 30 – “Back to the Kennel” sale

Bark Heard Around the World – For many years, Puppymillrescue Inc. has taken in the abused, malnourished, old, young and sickly from the mills of Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and many other states. Now they find they no longer have to leave their homes in upstate NY to transport dogs in need from the mills – they’re right in their own backyard and spreading rapidly.

To educate citizens about the horrific abuse taking place in those “beautiful white barns”, Puppymill Rescue Inc. invites animal advocates from across the country to participate in the second annual “Bark Heard Around the World” to be held at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY from 10AM – 4PM on Sat., May 30th, 2009. To learn more about this event, we invite you to visit the website – >

A Peaceful Rally scheduled for March 21 from 10 AM -2 PM at the entrance to the Holmes County Expo Center – Once I get confirmation I will pass that along.

UPDATE – Rally confirmed!! Details can be found HERE!

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