It was a shocking and brutal crime against a loved family dog.  Buddy, a male German shepherd mix dog was found dead with a rope around it’s neck and dumped on the Colorado National Monument on December 30 2009.  He was tied to the back of a pickup truck that belonged to Steven Romero.  Then Romero hit the gas.  Buddy was dragged for three miles and left for dead.  Imagine the suffering this poor animal endured before he died. 

Steven Romero was sentenced today to the maximum prison term of three years.  Romero was also ordered to pay a $500 fine, and $343.68 in restitution to the owners of Buddy. This makes Romero’s 11th felony conviction. 

Eleven felony convictions!  How many more before he escalates up the food chain to human beings? 

At the sentencing today, the prosecutor stated that two days before Romero killed Buddy, he had threatened to kill two other dogs.  He got into a money dispute with the dog’s owners and told the owner that if she didn’t pay up, he would start by killing her two dogs and then kill her.  His threats were laced with profanities.  Romero also asked other people to lie and establish an alibi for him after he was arrested for killing Buddy.

If this man isn’t a clear and present danger to society, I don’t know what is.  He has no conscience.   And his sister is running a close second.

Melissa Lockhart stole Buddy and another dog, Max, from the bed of a pickup owned by Sasha and Joseph Leber.  She is charged with being an accessory after the fact to aggravated animal cruelty for her alleged attempt to cover up the dog’s death.  Lockhart took the two dogs to her home and there Buddy supposedly killed Lockhart’s cat. She then told her brother to get rid of Buddy.

She’s no better than her brother.  She continued to lie to the police; changing her story every time, and was evasive about the details.  She even accused the police of harassing her.  Back in May, she pled guilty to a federal charge of being an accessory after the fact in Buddy’s death.  She faces no more than 18 months in jail.

Lockhart repeatedly violated the terms of her pretrial release.  Among her conditions of pretrial release, Lockhart was ordered to complete a substance abuse treatment program.  She had several unexplained absences.  She also missed seven consecutive meetings with her attorney.  In two months there were two warrants for her arrest for ignoring the conditions of her release terms.  Melissa Lockhart will be sentenced in September.

These two have no regard for anything moral and decent – thinking only of their own fat asses.  I have no hope for their children’s future.  Spawn from sub-humans always carry on the family legacy.

Three years is not enough for someone with 11 felony convictions.

A stone marker in memory of Buddy is placed at the entrance to the Roice-Hurst Humane Society .  The stone, etched with paw prints heading toward a setting sun, was donated and placed in a bed of flowers by Snyder Memorials of Grand Junction. It reads, “In memory of Buddy, and all the animals who have no one to weep for them.”

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

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