Back in 2008, Deanna wrote articles on Vicki (Victoria) Patterson, a puppy reseller operating under the guise of a “rescue” (d/b/a New Jersey Collie and Rescue Referral).

NJ Puppy Broker Posing as a Rescue

Update of NJ Puppy Broker Vicki Patterson

There have been more comments posted on these articles recently that have alarmed me.  Some are still reporting on Ms. Patterson’s puppy selling activities.   And they’re not real flattering comments either.  We even got comments on how she is selling her horses.

Background in a nutshell…

Vicki Patterson was selling puppies through classified ads, craigslist, and Petfinder, claiming they were rescued from puppy mills.  At a whopping price tag anywhere between $400 and $700 dollars.  The truth was she was purchasing these pups from a commercial kennel in Missouri.  She foolishly posted pictures of these puppies along with the kennel’s name on her website and ads.  That got her banned from Petfinder.

After these alerts were issued, a ton of comments came into this website about people who were burned by her “business”.  People were spending thousands of dollars on veterinary care after purchasing her pups.  In addition, Ms. Patterson was not conducting her business of selling puppies according to New Jersey State Law – NJ Pet Purchase Protection Act (Puppy Lemon Law).

In fact, she had been taken to court by some of these individuals.  And in October 2009, the New Jersey State Division of Consumer Affairs and the NJ State Attorney General hauled her ass into court and slapped her with an Administrative Action Consent Order, which is still available online. NJ State Department of Consumer Affairs Administrative Action Consent Order In the Matter of Victoria Patterson d/b/a  Adoption Alliance aka New Jersey Collie and Rescue Referral.

So you can see how alarming some of these recent comments were to me.

From Dee, July 6, 2011

Well, here I am another victum. She scammed me for, are you ready, 23,000 thousand dollars on two gypsy vanners mares posing as reg. purebreds. No reg. no bill of sales nothing. Hang in guys lawyer is in action.

From Pauline, July 9, 2011

Victoria Pattersons newest and latest scam is in Gypsy Vanner Horses. Advertising pure bred registered Vanners that are not. No shots no coggins no bill of sale and CASH only. I sure hope somebody can shut her down. She has at least 40 dogs that were visable on her property and more in bldgs out of sight.  Victoria if you can see this message stay out of the Gypsy Community your fooling around with the wrong group of people. I’ will be posting your google report on the registries news letter. Will notify all registries of your illicit behavier.

From Dog Lover, July 23, 2011

Vicki Patterson is in Bloomsbury NJ at Riverpointe Farm. She posted multiple ads in the Treasure Hunt for different breeds of puppies. I was stupid enough to go to her farm and pick out a “yorkie” puppy. I thought something was off, because she had the two “yorkies” ready on the yard when we got there. We asked a lot of questions and she didn’t know the answer to any of them. She would respond and say “they are my friend’s dogs.” It should have raised a red flag, but I fell in love with the puppy. I put a deposit on her and decided to go back and pick her up a week later. Lucky for me, I had a gut instinct that something was not right. I googled her name and found horrible things about this woman. Also, the “yorkie” she has looks nothing like the pictures I am finding. Needless to say, I have stopped payment on my check and will not be doing business with her. I called reputable dog breeders and they told me to stay away from her. This is a sad situation because I really feel bad for the dogs. It was my stupidity for not thoroughly researching her before I went.

Another from Dee, September 6, 2011

And update on the case of the horses I purchase. Ms. Patterson now must prove to the Dept of Consumer Affairs her documents I received which except for a breeding contract there are nothing and since she refused a bill of sale for 23,000 thousand dollars so is the IRS. Her so called stallion Valansio, who she told everyone is reg. indeed, is not, and his son, the famous stallion Alaskian is, how can this be, the gypsy breed ass. wants to know. She is in major trouble and see Ms Patterson, God is good.

From Megan, September 19, 2011

I have almost the exact same story! I bought a dog from her on a Monday… That Thursday (at 7 in the morning) we were rushing her to the vet! 6 months and $8000.00 later it seems like all is finally ok with my little dog. But I too am always wondering if it is really all behind us or if it is just a matter of time until she is back in the hospital.

This lady is awful! I bought a yorkie-poo from her and the poor dog was in the hospital 3 days later. (she ended up having to stay and get all kinds of tests done for a week!) The vet figured that the puppy was probably younger then advertised and was way to young to be taken away from her mother! The puppy was hypoglycemic and was to young to even know how to eat on her own! (Mrs Patterson had said she believed the dog was “depressed” and that’s why she wasnt eating) wrong! This puppy was to young to be sold!

Eight Thousand Dollars!?!??!??! Megan!!  If this was recent you had better file complaints!

WOW.  After seeing that I decided I had better check on this myself.  I made a few email and phone inquiries to Puppy Mill Watchdog groups, and did some web sleuthing myself.

Victoria Patterson and her husband own RiverPointe Farm in Bloomsbury, New Jersey.  Sixty-four acres along the Musconetcong River, surrounded by virtually nothing.  Just google her name and you’ll find the street address and phone number.  I decided to google the phone number and found some ads in website under Puppies and Dogs for Sale.

The ad has expired so the details are not available, but it has a date of August 2011.  That means she is actively advertising. Selling puppies is not against the law.  But doing so in New Jersey not in accordance with the Consumer Protection laws is a crime!

As a pet dealer, Patterson must issue the NJ Notification of Rights forms to every buyer:

Sick puppy complaints should be reported to the following:

Hunterdon County Consumer Affairs

Hunterdon County Health Department
Jim Gallos, email:

State Health Dept, Office of Animal Welfare

Bloomsbury Animal Licensing Official
Lisa Burd, 908-479 4200

NJ SPCA, ask for Hunterdon County Investigators

And that goes for any other Pet Dealer in New Jersey.  They must inform you of your consumer rights under the NJ Pet Protection Act and obey the regulations should you have problems with your purchase.  If not, file complaints with the New Jersey State Division of Consumer Affairs.

If you google Vicki Patterson, New Jersey, you will get all sorts of websites.,,,,… Seems she has set up a bunch of domains with her picture and curriculum vitae.

Coming this December, the public can buy .xxx domains usually reserved for porn sites.  Wonder if she’ll get one of those???

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