Update 7/7/09 – I-80 Rescued Dog Reunited with Owner

A black and tan female dog got herself in a rather precarious predicament on Tuesday morning.  She was stranded on the median on I-80 in Reno, NV, during peak morning rush hour.  Too afraid to move, which was a good thing for her with the traffic, she stayed near the center of the freeway between the two cement jersey wall barriers.

Concerned motorists called the NHP and it wasn’t long before Trooper Brett Tierney arrived and rescued the scared girl. He just picked her up and popped her in his vehicle, then transported her to the Regional Animal Services Center.

She wasn’t wearing tags or a collar but Trooper Tierney hopes the dog’s owner comes forward to claim her and if not, there will still be a happy ending for this little girl.

“Not only was the dog uninjured but there is better news; if the dog is not reunited with its owner, Trooper Tierney said he would adopt her,” Trooper Chuck Allen of the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

You just have to love happy endings and one way or another, there is going to be one for this canine commuter.

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