This one took place right here in my home state of Wisconsin and the hero pup was an eight month old Springer Spaniel, just like my Jezzie and Bruti!

Dave Emmer of N6494 Lakeshore Drive, Calumet County, WI can thank Mylo, his eight month old Springer Spaniel, Mylo for waking him and alerting him to a house fire last night.

Emmer was sleeping soundly when the fire started in the living room of his home. Three smoke alarms were going off the because the bedroom door was closed, the sound was muffled and Emmer couldn’t hear it. That’s when Mylo went into action, jumping on the bed and waking Emmer.

“He just jumped up and down on the bed about three, four times and that’s what got me up,” Emmer said.

“He was home alone in bed and his dog jumped on the bed three times,” Fire Chief Mike Brantmeiersaid. “He thought it was quite unusual. His dog never jumps on the bed.

“The dog woke him up. The dog saved his life.”

Firefighters from the Harrison No. 1, No. 2 and the Stockbridge Fire Department responded to the scene.

“Firefighters said he could probably get a steak if he wanted one,” Emmer said.

I have a feeling the Mylo will be getting a steak as well as Emmer’s undying gratitude.

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