Cheyenne Cherry

Update 7/16/09 – Cat Killer, Cheyenne Cherry, Gets Plea Deal, Jail Time, Taunts Animal Activists

Cheyenne Cherry, 17, of the Bronx, NY, decided to get back at her girlfriend by tossing her kitten, Tiger Lily, in the oven and roasting it to death.  Then she and an accomplice fled the apartment they’d also ransacked, with stolen property, so they wouldn’t have to listen to the kitten screaming in pain.

Turns out this psychopath has quite the criminal history including dog-napping and armed robbery, all for which she got nothing more than probation and was free to continue to escalate her crimes.

Saying she hates cats, she brushed off the brutal killing as a practical joke, the same excuse she used after robbing a man on his iPod at gunpoint last year.

For the armed iPod burglary she was given only 5 years probation.

Last June she and a boyfriend also robbed and woman at gunpoint, holding a BB gun to her forehead and took her Yorkie.  The she had the unbelievable audacity to have friends show up with the dog when a $500 reward was offered.

Besides roasting the kitten, Cherry and her friend allegedly slashed Hernandez’s furniture, unscrewed light bulbs and threw bleach on the walls, Pentangelo said.

“I think what was done cries out for justice,” Pentangelo said. “It’s a shame that this kitten had to suffer like this. For the kitten to get caught up in whatever was going on with them is a tragedy.”

Pentangelo said the kitten was burned so badly a necropsy had to be performed to determine its sex. (Daily News)

In 2008 she was arrested for larceny and extortion, along with two other busts and now charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, arson, burglary and criminal mischief, some brilliant judge actually let this maniac go with without bail!

“They wonder why this little girl doesn’t learn right from wrong,” Johan Castro said. “If she’s willing to kill a cat and steal my dog, what else will she do? She thinks she can beat the system.”

At the age of only 17 this… this… I don’t even know what to call it… thing… already has a serious criminal history and with this last horror, her crime spree has gone way over the top and she just thinks it’s all a joke.  Slapped on the wrist again and again by a judicial system that doesn’t seem to want to actually punish, she thinks she can get away with anything.  All I can say is that I hope this time the judicial system will look at this crime and at her record and throw this heartless little bitch in jail where she belongs! I can’t even say anymore, I am so angry and upset.  We have forgotten what justice is!

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