ErnieErnie, a little 1 yr old, Jack Russell terrier mix has cheated death not once, but twice! This past October he escaped a house fire and then the little guy was hit by a bus!

Ernie’s now recuperating in an animal shelter in Columbus, Ohio.

The staff there said they have already caught on to his secret for getting out of sticky situations.

“You just have to be careful because he is kind of an escape artist,” said staff member Lisa Wahoff. “He has figured out how to go through the windows, and he’ll try to go out into the lobby. But usually when I’m here, he hangs out with me because he seems to think I’m his mom.”Ernie is up for adoption. You can contact the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio, at 614-462-4360 if you’re interested — but make sure you have a solid fence. (NBC11)

What a cute and lucky little guy he is! You can see a video of him HERE and a slideshow HERE. 😀

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