Chris Grant kicks little dog in elevator

Hey everyone, check out the tough guy as he viciously kicks and tortures his girlfriend’s little 12-lb dog in an elevator at Grant Houses in Morningside Heights.  This tough guy is 21-year-old Chris Grant of Manhattan, NY and the little dog is Chuvie-Duvi, his girlfriend’s Pom/Chi mix.

The video below, if you can stand to watch, shows Grant kicking the dog across an elevator, then dragging the cowering little dog back toward him, coaxing her into jumping up for him then kicking her again repeatedly. Then he drags the little out of the elevator. He shortly returns and again kicks the dog and continue kicking it around the elevator until it lay still.

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Chris Grant arrested Monday and charged with torturing an animal and resisting arrest. He was freed on $1,000 bail.

Bet he never expected to be caught on tape but thankfully he was. Who knows how many time the poor little dog endured such cruel treatment before. She was treated at the ASPCA and survived. Grant’s girlfriend didn’t believe the story until police showed her the tape. Hopefully she’s smart to enough to make Grant an ex quickly or no doubt she’ll be in line for the same treatment if she hasn’t already.

Here you can see the little dog leave the ASPCA little worse for wear but no doubt she won’t be so trusting. Poor little baby. As for Grant, just another bully taking out his aggressions on the innocent and defenseless, let him try that against someone who can fight back, see how much of a tough guy he really is!

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Update – The dog’s owners is Melvin Rodriguez, 22, who picked the pooch up from the ASPCA, “I’m not trusting nobody with my dog,” Rodriguez said.

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