Mehrdad BaghieMerhdad Baghie, 51, of Sacramento, CA, was arrested after being caught on tape brutally beating his dog. The witness who taped the abuse said that itBeaten Dog went on for more than a half an hour as the dog cried and howled in pain, Baghie alternately beat the dog with a lead pipe, a mallet and a stick and the witness further says this is not the first time he’s heard the dog’s cries.

Baghie claims that the dog bit him and he was just defending himself. Personally I cannot see how someone defending them self could possible need to beat a dog that is prostrate on the ground for a half an hour!

From the video clip on the site you can hear the dog’s cries, you can see Baghie beat him, bang his head against the concrete and kick him… all the while the poor dog, laying on the ground cries and howls in pain! You see bystanders walk past and do and say nothing asWitness - Todd Scallia this ‘man’ brutalizes this dog. In the raw footage, the witness, Todd Scallia, who is taping the abuse from a second story window tells what he is seeing and even yells to the man to stop. The raw footage is graphic. There are two clips, one, the raw video footage and a second, the news report. Thumbnails are above the ‘video screen’.

Police are investigating the incident. Meanwhile the beaten and abused Rottweiler is in the care of animal services.

What an atrocity!! Perhaps Baghie should get a taste of his own medicine and see how it feels!

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