Paris Hilton and Her Chihuahua, TinkerbellI usually avoid celebrity news because there is usually so much hype and BS surrounding it, not to mention mass quantities of stupidity in many cases. Well, this is one instance that I felt the need to address the issue… and the stupidity!

You’ve probably heard about Paris Hilton bragging about having 17 dogs recently to Ellen DeGeneres. Seems in LA the max number of dogs you’re allowed to have in a residential property is 3 without a kennel or breeding permit. So this got LA Animal Services involved but when they showed up at her mansion, it was under construction and they were told that the dogs were in boarding or some such excuse.

Now the dizzy little solialite has decided that give her side of the story and this is stupidity to the extreme! Ok, are you ready for this? Here it is;

Hilton claimed that her pets keep breeding and she wants to keep any new arrivals rather than separate them from their parents.

She said: “They keep having babies and I feel bad to give them away because I feel like, if I had a baby and someone gave it away it would be mean.”

She insisted that she had managed to dispose of some of her pets, telling E News!: “I only have 10 dogs now. Some of my dogs had puppies, so I gave some of them away to people I really know and trust. I gave some to my stylist and to a few of my best friends, so now I’m down to 10.” (Digital Spy)

Now, excuse me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a normal person spay or neuter their dogs rather then have them just randomly and indiscriminately breeding and producing? Wouldn’t that solve this problem? Aren’t there enough homeless dogs out there without some intellectually challenged, overmonied moron just creating her own little puppy population explosion?

It’s not enough that these celebs have turned these little small breed dogs into fashion accessories and helped to create a demand for them that fills animal shelters when the amusement wears off, seems they also have to add to the population of puppies.

Ok, I’ll step off my soapbox for now but feel free to chime in with your comments.

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