I came across this video on YouTube along with the information. It’s yet another sad case of ‘slap on the wrist’ justice! Watch the video and read what the person who posted it said. It just makes me ill!!

This is video caught by a good Samaritan of a woman named Ashley Gennara beating a dog in Kalamazoo, Michigan in May, 2006. She then calmly walks away, checking her shoes for shit. She pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty, but they dropped one.

Outcome: 6 months probation, was not to own or possess a dog during probation. Was caught with another dog, and placed on another 6 months probation. No community service, no counseling…a slap on the wrist.

When they booked her at jail it took under an hour, and that was actually considered time serve..one day served… when it was only under an hour!

When she was testifying, she stated: “And the one seemed aggressive so I wouldn’t get close to him to whoop him and I was whooping him with a stick in my yard.” and “It was not a big stick; it was just a small branch that I found in my backyard. It wasn’t thick.”

The dogs were given back to ‘her friend’ who said they were hers…When this video was shown to boyfriend Corey Morris, he stated twice “That ain’t nothing…if you showed that to the press they’d just laugh at you.”

What is wrong with our enforcement of existing cruelty laws? Are they not meant to PROTECT the dogs and not allow the people to get away with torture? Are these dogs dead now?

When is the law going to get serious?? This is not a random act of cruelty. There is no doubt that this was this abuser’s normal treatment of this dog! Did you see the dog cringe as she got close? I am just seething with anger right now!

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