Stacey ChampionToday the court heard the appeal from Stacey Champion, the Minneapolis woman who tried to send the 4-month-old puppy Priority Mail through the post office on January 25.  Thankfully the court denied the appeal and Champion lost custody of the puppy ” Guess”.

Champion said she was sending the puppy to Atlanta to her son for his birthday, claimed she had a water bottle in the box, which was not found when the box was opened, and said she had holes in the box, which she taped over.  The administrative hearing officer wasn’t too pleased, called her actions “disgraceful” and denied giving the puppy back to her.

She also requested to have the box returned to her for some reason, this too was also denied as it was still evidence.

Although her appeal was denied that doesn’t quite end it.  There is still the criminal proceeding for two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

The loss of custody isn’t official until a resolution is reached in the animal cruelty case. Champion must file an appeal and injunction within the court system if she wants to block the adoption. She will also be required to cover the cost of continued care for the puppy — roughly $15 per day — until her Feb. 28 court date or else it will be put up for adoption. (Fox 9)

Guess, priority mailed puppySo there is still a chance, although I have to believe it’s slim, of her gaining custody of Guess again, if she antes up somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 for the care of the puppy just for starters.

So, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed for this adorable little guy, hope Stacey Champion finds the cost a bit too dear since it’s “only a dog” and then Guess will be put up for adoption. There’s plenty of people, including the postal clerk who discovered him, clamoring to adopt him and if he becomes available, potentials adopters will be vetted then there will be a lottery to choose.

We’ll keep you updated when info becomes available. I know we’re all hoping for the best for Guess 🙂

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