kevin-cleavengerToo seldom do the charges in animal abuse cases ever match the crime and even more seldom does the punishment but in a welcome move the charge for a man who beat and slammed a little rat terrier against the ground has been upgraded to a felony.

In April, Michael and Catalina Snyder’s little dog, Pompoo, was tethered outside their apartment while Michael took the other dog for  walk.  Kevin Cleavenger, 57, got annoyed with the little dog’s barking and after complaining, picked the dog up and slammed it into the ground at least 4 times.

Due to the severity of its injuries, the dog had to be euthanized.

At the time he was cited with a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge but the Nebraska Humane Society asked prosecutors to charged Cleavenger with a felony considering the viciousness of the crime.

“This was a very vicious attack, there was absolutely no reason for it whatsoever,” Mark Langan at the Nebraska Humane Society said.

The DA’s office must have agreed because Cleavenger was arrested and charged with felony animal abuse.  Now we can only hope that he will actually be prosecuted and this case, like so many, will not just be plea bargained down to practically nothing.

People will never take the crime of animal abuse seriously until our law enforcement and judicial system does!  This “just a dog” mentality has got to end! These are innocent lives that are neglected and abused and taken at the whim of sick and careless people.  The need to know that their actions are going to cost them, and not just a few dollars either!

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