IL Dogfight - Martez AndersonWhen I first did the story about the dogfighting ring that was uncovered at a home day care center in Maywood, IL, I was surprised that one of the suspects was only charged with a misdemeanor. Martez Anderson, 38, who kept the fighting dogs at his house, was charged with being a felon in possession of an unsprayed or unneutered dog, a misdemeanor. The other two suspects, Charles Sutton, 42, and Lance Webb, 27, both of Maywood, were charged with felony dogfighting. There’s been some changes since then.

After police reviewed the evidence, they upgraded the charge against Anderson to felony dogfighting and when he showed up for his buddies’ hearing, was promptly rearrested. It was after he was arrested that they found a video on his cellphone of a man setting a dog on fire!!

If you recall, Anderson was the guy who denied everything saying, “That’s crazy. They’re little puppies. They’re barely walking. They probably could have did with a bath,” and claiming that the one puppy lost its eye when a door fell on it.

I’m hoping no one actually bought in to that BS!! Looks like the bricks in the wall are piling up higher and higher for this scum. The police are going to examine the video and see if there’s any links to Anderson or Sutton and Webb.

Bail for all these of these big tough men is set at $500k.  Glad to see that this is being taken seriously!

Police are still looking for two men in connection with this.

Just horrific!! Setting a dog on fire and videotaping the suffering for some kind of thrill…. 🙁

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