In the horrible case that came to light in June of 2007 when 21 Great Danes were found dead at a property previously occupied by 59 year old Cheryl Ann Magnotta we have closure of sorts as well as a travesty of justice of monumental proportions!

Originally charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty after she abandoned the dogs to a cruel death of starvation locked up in outbuilding as well as 44 summary counts of scattering rubbish on the property she plead guilty to 6 counts of animal cruelty as part of a plea agreement.

Sadly the sentencing for each count is only probation up to one month in jail comment her public defender. Considering that Magnotta has 189 days of credit for time served and 30 days additional credit for good behavior, she has credit for about seven months of jail time already. What this means is that she will most likely walk away from this after her sentencing on January 24th.

So for her act of abandonment in leaving 21 innocent, helpless and defenseless dogs locked up to starve to death, she gets a slap on the wrist and we’re told justice is served. NOT!!!

“The corpses were found in two boarded-up buildings; in shallow graves; wrapped in tarps; and under old carpet on the property. The dogs were believed to have died three to nine months ago and were covered by lime, soil, debris and dog feces.

According to the affidavit, there were no food or water dishes in or around the kennels, and it appears the dogs died of starvation.

Also found were 32 bags of dog feces scattered on that property and adjacent property, as well as 12 plastic tarp and carpet remnants with dog remains.”

This is a woman who in the past had been cited for neglecting the dogs on that property.

As I said before and repeat yet again – There is NEVER an excuse to treat dogs or any animal like this! There are too many organization that will more then willingly help someone who can no longer care for their dogs. People who treat animals like this need to have the same fate visited on them! When will people ever understand that dogs are living, breathing, feeling creatures? When will the judicial system ever decide to start letting the punishment fit the crime?!

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