I’ve told about the Chewed Up Michael Vick Sport Cards that were being auctioned off on eBay by Rochelle Steffen and I just wanted to give you the final on it. The auction ended yesterday with a high bid of $7,400!!! 😀 The winning bidder, Activists4animals, is actually Laura Norton-Dye, 40, of Cape Girardeau. Norton-Dye who said she hadn’t even heard of Michael Vick before his indictment said she wanted to send the message that local animal shelters need help and she actually challenged Vick to donate money himself.

Norton-Dye has requested the money be donated to the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and to Safe Harbor, a local animal sanctuary. She has incurable gastrointestinal carcinoid cancer and a big heart for animals, “I really think this was the right thing to do. This is one way I thought I could make a difference,” the former teacher said.

Steffen’s eBay auction has spawned dozens of copycat auctions, many also promising to donate the proceeds to local shelters and humane societies but none have taken off like Steffen’s.

And out of the horrors of the Michael Vick case does come some positives; the Humane Society of the United States has seen a large spike in donations since Vick was indicted on federal dogfighting charges last month, said Ann Chynoweth, director of the society’s Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign and many local shelters have also reported the same trend.

There’s also an increased awareness of the horrors of the so called ‘sport’ of dogfighting. People are actually reporting dogfighting rings, arrests are being made, dogs are being rescued and Idaho, one of the only two states where dogfighting is not yet a felony is finally looking at support for a bill which would change that.

And another positive, pit bulls which have been seen for far too long as mean and vicious, with the media far too often distorting fact and fiction,  are finally starting to be seen in a more generous light, if victim can be called ‘generous.’  Pit bulls, which by ‘breed,’ have comprised the largest population in shelters and rescues are finally getting some interest.  Unfortunately some of the interest may be for the wrong reason and shelter and rescue workers will have to vet potential adopters diligently, but there is more hope for them now then there has been in the past.  People, slowly but hopefully surely, are starting to see that it’s not the dog, but the human behind the dog.

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