Abused dogs found at Deal residenceOn Thursday when police were serving a search warrant in relation to a child pornography investigation in West Salem, Oregon, at 4345 Vernon Loop NE, they found something much different then they were looking for!

[They] found 24 dogs without food or water, some near death, and eight dead puppies in the freezer alongside frozen food. The odor of feces found caked on the floor, beds, furnishings and clothing was so strong that police wore breathing respirators and the home was found to be unfit for human habitation.

Two-dozen poodles were either running loose in the home or in cages, without food or water. Some of the dogs were near death, detectives reported. In addition to the feces, the kitchen had no clean area for food preparation and the home had no garbage service. The Marion County Health Department posted the residence as “Unfit for Human Habitation”, the release stated.

When detectives found eight dead puppies in plasticDeplorable living conditions - uninhabitable! bags alongside food items, they were told that they had been put there until an older child, one of four living in the home with two adults, could bury the animals in the back yard.

The adult residents, Kevin and Sarah Deal, both 30-years old, were taken into custody and booked into the Marion County Jail. They are each charged with four counts of criminal mistreatment, eight counts of first-degree animal neglect, and 24 counts of second-degree animal neglect. Bail on the 36 counts of criminal activity was set at $140,000.

The Deal’s two children, aged 15 and 16, and two other children aged nine and 17 who also live at the home, were taken into protective custody and placed in the care of the Department of Human Services, the release stated.

Detectives with the Street Crimes Unit and Drug Activity Response Team assisted in the execution of the search warrant, and the Humane Society and Marion County Dog Control were called to help with the poodles.

The child pornography investigation is continuing, detectives said. (Bend Weekly)

More information on the condition and situations of the dogs;

All the poodles taken from the home are being kept at the Willamette Humane Society, spokeswoman Kara Moore said.

One puppy arrived near death Thursday and was euthanized, Moore said. The remaining 24 poodles range in size from teacup to standard. Ten of them are puppies.

The dogs came to the facility filthy and sodden with urine and feces, Moore said. Local groomers have donated their time to clean the poodles.

In the society’s kennel Friday afternoon, the remaining dogs were nearly all alert and happy, running up to greet and sniff visitors.

The humane society’s veterinarian is reviewing the dogs’ health, Moore said. The dogs will be tested for intestinal parasites and other diseases.

“They are in fair condition, most of them,” she said. “Some appear underweight. Some are a healthy weight.”

Sarah Deal surrendered all of the dogs to authorities but said she only owns five or six of them, Moore said. It was unclear whether Deal was boarding the poodles or breeding them.

Deal provided a list with names and numbers of the people who own the rest of the poodles. Humane society workers are attempting to contact the owners.

“We expect it will be at least a week and a half before we can say which dogs will be available for adoption,” Moore said. (Statesman Journal)

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