dianna-williamson-houseFor Lima, OH resident, Dianna Williamson, last Thursday started out like any other day.  Little did she know that by the end of the day she would have lost her home, almost lost her 11-year-old grandson and lost all of her beloved dogs, six little Chihuahuas, the newest baby, Pearl, just a 7 month old puppy.  And all at the vicious and malicious hand of bullies, boys just 11-13 years old who firebombed her home as part of the continuing harassment against her young grandson.

Williamson’s grandson was supposed to be coming over her house after school so she took one of her babies with her to meet the boy.  At home he frolicked on his grandmother’s bedroom floor with the dogs until he fell asleep with all the dogs laying all over him.

Dianna took the time to answer some email on her computer and a few feet from from her grandson and the dogs.  The next thing she knew she heard the sound of breaking glass and all the dogs starting barking.  There was a huge blaze at the font of her home almost immediately.

Dianna’s first though when she realize her home was on fire was to get her grandson and call 911.  Neighbor were pounding on her windows and doors as her home became quickly engulfed in flames.

This is from an email that Dianna sent me;

In just a matter of 5-10 seconds the whole front wall of my house was in flames. I thought the dogs were at my feet, when I got outside I saw my grandson was outside but no dogs. I started back in the house to get the dogs. These men about 4-6 of them, forceably out of the house. I know they were doing what they thought was right but it wasn’t the right thing for me. If my babies were going to die I wanted to die with them. They were my life.

Deanna I believe you may know what I mean. They were all I had in this world. They got me through some tough times. They loved me unconditionally. I begged those guys to let me go, the police told me they were going to put me in restraints and put me in the car. I begged one of the cops to tell the firemen to break out the bedroom window and get my dogs, my babies. One cop said he would tell them. He never did. Three of my dogs were found under the bed, I don’t know were the other 3 were found. They all died from smoke inhalation, they weren’t burnt. I am just dead inside, I can’t feel anything. I hate those men who pulled me out.

“I’ve never been around no type of heat like that in my life. And that smoke. I got a little whiff of the smoke trying to get her out of the house but I just kept on going and got her out,” Trent Williams, a firefighter said.

Many of us can imagine what Dianna was feeling, the desperation to save her babies and the anger and frustration and not being able to. My heart just broke when I read the email she sent me and then to find out that this horrific catastrophe was caused by children… unbelievable!

It turns out that Dianna’s grandson, an 11-year-old boy who is on the honor roll, who participated in extra-curricular activities, had been the target of some bullies’ harassment. According to Dianna and her daughter, the boy’s mother, these bullies were in a gang and had been in trouble before, suspended and expelled from school even at the tender ages of 11-13 years old.

There were 3 boys on bikes 2 of them have been positively identified. There was an eye witness who saw it all and gave a very detailed statement. Tuesday morning the investigator is filing his report with the prosecutor then it will be up to her what to charge them with. The investigator told me this was a serious crime and that the boys would be going away.

These boys that did this, burned down my home and killed my 6 babies are 11 and 12 years old. This is so horrifying that my mind still won’t accept the fact that these boys are babies themselves and they tried to MURDER my grandson.

Unbelievably some of these little bullies actually turned up the next day at Dianna’s daughter’s house where Dianna is staying since she lost everything in the blaze and tried to start trouble with the grandson again!

The very next my grandson was outside playing and suddenly he came in the house. My 7 year old granddaughter came in and said some boys wanted my grandson to come outside. He told us they were part of the gang that had been harassing him. My daughter and I ran out of they house. They said they wanted to talk to my grandson. We called the cops and made the boys stay. I begged them to stay, maybe they knew something about the fire that the didn’t even realize they knew.

The cops came, the called the arson investigator and told the boys they had to stay. When the investigator showed up he knew the boys, he’d already talked to them. After he sent the boys home he told me that 2 of the 3 boys weren’t involved in the fire but they were part of this gang, the KOB’s the Knock Out Boys. 1 of the 3 boys was the one that threw the bottle that started the fire that destroyed my home and MURDERED my 6 little defenseless babies. That boy had looked me right in the eye and swore to God that he could never do something like that.

Dianna has only the clothes on her back that she escaped in from the fiery inferno that was her home. She lost lost her precious canine companions, her home, almost her grandson and even her own life, at the hands of children, monsters! She is devastated, heartbroken and angry.

What the hell is wrong with kids these days?

I’ve not found any follow-up and hope that Dianna will be back in touch with me but I am sure at this point it is taking everything to try to put what is left of her life together in some way.

I wanted to share this story, especially the heartbroken pleas from Dianna in hopes that we could get this story out and demand justice for Dianna and her family.  We’re talking arson, animal cruelty and attempted murder here.  This is no joke, no children’s’ game.  Dianna lost everything but her life and her grandson’s and the deaths of those tiny dogs weigh heavily on her.  They were not “just dogs,” they were her friends, companions, children and now they are gone.

Share this story and if anyone finds anymore information, please pass it along… these little monsters cannot be allowed to walk away from this.  You and I know that they will only get worse and the next time it may be the life of a child or innocent bystanders that are forfeit to these little bastards!

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