Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. and Binzhou Futian Biotechnology Co. will be facing criminal prosecution by the Chinese government said Li Changjiang, director of China’s State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, in a televised press conference in Beijing

These are the two companies that added the industrial chemical, melamine, a poisonous substance, to protein powder which is linked to an untold number of U.S. pet deaths.

The two companies were reportedly shut down last month after misreporting their products to Chinese custom officials.

Questions about food safety in China have gained global attention after questionable Chinese-made products were recalled in several countries, but China’s booming export industry has been little affected by these recalls, Li noted.

China’s exports increased 27.6 percent in the first half of this year, topping US$546.7 billion in revenue, Li said.

Exports to the United States have climbed by 17.8 percent from January to June, Li added, indicating that Chinese products still enjoy popularity around the world.

China’s Information Office issued a white paper on August 17 to highlight its improved inspections of food safety and plans to put a vice premier in charge of a quality control campaign.

The paper listed a series of achievements and planned measures, from establishing a national food recall system to increasing exchanges with quality inspectors in other countries.

China vowed to adopt tougher measures to guarantee that no substandard food was exported overseas by improving surveillance in all steps of the production process and blacklisting violators, the paper said. (Shanghai Daily News)

And this at a time when the US is dealing with Chinese recalls in massive proportions, everything from foods to toiletries to toys and tires. When are we going to learn? When are we going to take back our economy, take back our country and take back our health? Right now it is in the hands in other countries and we are suffering, our people, our children and our pets!

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