A short time ago I did a story on Clark County and how it is basically becoming the Puppy Mill Capitol of Wisconsin. This saddens and angers me for a number of reasons; first, because puppy mills are houses of horror for dogs and secondly, because Wisconsin is my own adopted, beloved home state!

To balance the horrors of puppy mills, there are many organizations working very hard to end the atrocities practiced by these profiteers in cruelty. The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project is one and another is the Clark County Humane Society. They are working hand in hand to put an end to the dog auctions and inhumane conditions at puppy mills.

Read more to find out the efforts Clark County Humane Society is making, then do your part and sign the petition and let our legislator know that you want the atrocities to end. Support the CCHS and WI Puppy Mill Project!

How CCHS is Involved

Wisconsin State Capital in Madison, W

While it is easy to express our disgust at what is happening at puppy mills and dog auctions, we know that nothing will change unless concerned members of the community step forward. We at CCHS have chosen to do just that. We are working very closely with the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, Inc., in efforts to introduce legislation that would allow for inspection of these facilities. Efforts have been made to pass a Pet Facilities Law (PFL) previously, but failed due to the political process. We believe that NOW is the right time for things to change!

Chuck and Cheri Wegner from CCHS travelled to the State Capital in Madison on Tuesday, May 22nd, to meet with congressional staff about the PFL. Also in attendance were Eilene Ribbens Rhode, Executive Director, Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project; Deb Lewis, Executive Director, Fox Valley Humane Society; Marnie Brown, Executive Director, Washington County Humane Society; Chris Cowles, Director, Washington County Humane Society; Penny Romasko, President, Alliance of Wisconsin Animals Rehoming Efforts, and Dr. Yvonne Bellay, State Humane Officer, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). We were disappointed that the Senators and Representatives who had agreed to the meeting chose to send their staff aides rather than attending themselves. However, we do understand that the political process has to start somewhere. We appreciated the opportunity to express our position on the need for legislation and to discuss what can be done to improve conditions in Wisconsin.
What You Can Do To Help

While meeting with legislative staff is a good place to start, it has also become very evident to us that it will take a LOT of support for a Pet Facilities Law to be passed. While it seems to be only common sense that no one would ever want to hurt an animal, there is opposition to any animal legislation being passed. We welcome other ideas and suggestions, but we do believe that there needs to be a compromise reached that will end the suffering taking place in puppy mills and dog auctions every day.

The media coverage that has been taking place over the past two months is absolutely outstanding! It has brought the plight of puppy mill dogs to the forefront as never before. Thousands of people have expressed their outrage and demanded that laws change to protect our animals. That is why we need to continue to press forward now. We need everyone’s help!

What can you do? Speak up!! Contact your Representatives and Senators today! The more pressure that they receive from their consituents, the more they will realize that they have to do something. If you don’t know who to contact, you can go to the website: http://waml.legis.state.wi.us/ and by entering your address, it will tell you who your legislators are. You can also call 608-266-9960 or toll free 800-362-9472 to find our who your state legislators are. You can call the Governor’s Office at 608-266-1212. It is critical that they hear from you! Please call or email and let them know you support a Pet Facilities Law and that puppies have to stop suffering in Wisconsin!

Roundtable meetings are also being scheduled around the State for citizens to meet with legislators. These meetings are an opportunity to show support for a PFL. At the first meeting held at Slinger, WI, over 300 people attended! The next roundtable is scheduled for Monday, July 23rd, in Sheboygan. It will take place at the UW Sheboygan County Campus at 7:00 p.m. Another meeting is scheduled for the LaCrosse area on Monday, August 20th, at 6:30 at the Onalaska High School Performing Arts Center. Local legislators have been invited to attend and learn what the PFL is all about. We need to have a great turnout so that they will listen to us. Please plan on attending!!

Please sign our petition in support of the Pet Facitilies Law. You may do so online by clicking here. We will then present our petition to our Legislators when the PFL is being considered. Thank you for your support and for wanting to help make a difference! Together, we will stop the misery in Wisconsin puppy mills!

Please, if you care, and I know you do, take the time to visit the CCHS and WI Puppy Mill Project websites, learn what you can do and make an effort! One by one, we can make a difference.

I wish to extend a special thank you to Chuck Wegner, Executive Director of the CCHS for contacting me and encouraging to look into what the CCHS is doing to help end the Wisconsin puppy mill atrocities! In is on behalf of the efforts of CCHS that many of these Clark County and Wisconsin puppy mill horrors are coming to light.

I’ll continue to bring you more information but please, in the meantime, visit the websites and be proactive! Sign the petition and send letters of support!

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