I’ve written again and again on the horrors of puppy mills and it makes me beyond angry to find my own state a growing haven for these houses of horror!

The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project has been working and fighting for eight years to end atrocities like these auctions and various puppy mills around the state. They are also working to improve the standards by the Pet Facilities Law. This law still fall far short of what is desperately needed but you can help moving things in the right direction by signing the petition.

To find out more about puppy mills and what you can do please check out – The Horrors of Puppy Mills and be sure to also see the Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project to see what you can do here! (Wisconsin Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions)

And now animal right activists are saying that Clark County, WI is becoming a haven for a growing number of puppy mills!

The U.S. Humane Society classifies the mills as breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers for profit.

There’s no law against breeding puppies, and federal and state rules are in place to regulate the practice.

But some animal rights activists are saying that’s not enough.

The USDA inspects breeding facilities under the federal Animal Welfare Act, and all 50 states have anti-cruelty laws in place.

But now, animal rights activists are working to get a new law put into place, that would require the state to license and inspect all facilities.

Activists say puppy mills are inhumane and often have poor living conditions for the animals.

They say many facilities produce dogs like these with a host of problems.

“Animals who don’t walk properly because they’ve lived their whole life in a cage,” said Clark County Humane Society Director Chuck Wegner. “Ones with sores on their toes from the barbed wire, eye problems, socialization problems because they don’t live a normal life.”

Chuck Wegner is director of the Clark County Humane Society.

He says his organization has taken in several dogs from puppy auctions that he’s certain have come from puppy mills.

“We were getting calls, starting to track the pattern and thought ‘gosh,’ there’s a lot in our county,” Wegner said. “We kept tracking them and realized it’s the same places and individuals over and over that we’re getting these complaints about.”

Something he says was unheard of in Clark County just 10 years ago.

He says many of the dogs suffer from medical problems, fear of humans or lack of emotion.

Wegner says one facility in the county produced and sold two puppies that were diseased.

We talked to the owner Monday afternoon and he says he was unaware the puppy had brucellosis and continues to work with inspectors to make sure the puppies are in good health.

Wegner and other activists are not convinced: that’s why they’re circulating a petition for a new state Pet Facilities Law.

Senator Pat Kreitlow says a bill is in the drafting stages that would hold breeders who don’t live up to state standards accountable, while allowing legitimate businesses to operate.

Kreitlow says he and other lawmakers are still working to figure out exactly what will be part the bill, and how the state would pay for enforcement. (WEAU)

Please take the time to do your part, sign the petition and help to get some laws passed that can help save dogs from these inhumane and cruel lives they are forced to live!

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