Dragged AkitaThis is one seriously sick man!!! Eric Jackson, 41 of Cleveland, Ohio, was arrested for animal cruelty on Tuesday. When he was stopped and approached by the police he asked them, “Is the dog dead?”

Tamnika Spencer who witnessed the cruelty said the suspect “turned with the dog near the back of his car. And the dog was just screaming and hollering, screaming and hollering.”

When she flagged Jackson saying, “”Hey, you are dragging a dog.” Jackson responded, “Is it dead?” The woman called the police after seeing Jackson driving on St. Claire driving a Crown Victoria and dragging the dog.

Animal Control found the dog, an Akita, limping and injured on East 63rd Street and Lausche Avenue. It was taken to an animal clinic for treatment and its condition is unknown at this time.

Jackson’s excuse was that the dog attacked his dog so he tied it to his car and dragged it after the police failed to show up. Must have been a really vicious dog if he was able to control it enough to tie a lead to it and tie it to his car. Guess he was really worried about his own dog an awful lot to just leave it and and take the time to cruelly and viciously abuse this dog.

Jackson’s wife said he wasn’t trying to harm the dog, just get it away from their home where it attacked their dog and scared their children.

Tamnika Spencer is still amazed that the driver showed no remorse. Instead, all he said to her was, “‘Is he dead?’ Then he took off”.

Yes, that definitely shows he wasn’t trying to harm the dog!

And surprise, the police have no record of his call. Police dispatchers say they did not receive any phone calls from Jackson’s home in the 800 block of East 72nd street.

“This is barbaric”, said Jed Mignano, chief investigator of the Cleveland Animal Protective League. “For somebody to take an animal and drag it by the bumper of their car to punish it for attacking another animal is terribly cruel.”Dragged dog likes to kiss vet tech

Amazingly, the 2 year old Akita survived. He has been remarkably docile and likes to kiss Renee, the vet technician. Known at the Cleveland Kennel simply as ‘dog 96’, he is now looking for a home.

Yes, he looks like a mean and vicious dog there and she looks terrified! Read alot of sarcasm in that!

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