Dragged AkitaEric Jackson, 41, of Cleveland, arrested more than a month ago and charged with animal cruelty for dragging a dog was found not guilty by a jury of seven women and one man at 11:30 a.m in court today.

Jackson saying that he loved animals and had pets himself claimed the dog, an Akita, was “terrorizing the neighborhood and scaring children.”Eric Jackson - not guilty

Jackson said that after the stray Akita attacked his German shepherd and calls to the police, which oddly enough the police have no record of, brought no help, fearing to put the dog in his car, he caught the leash in the car door and proceeded to remove it from the neighborhood. It must have been a really dangerous and scary dog to have allowed himself to be so docilely leashed and led to a car.

Jackson said he tried to be careful and drive slowly, so the dog could keep up and that heDragged dog likes to kiss vet tech thought he was doing the neighborhood a favor but now realizes his mistake.

Prosecutor Victor Perez and public defender Tina Tricarichi said the jurors decided that Jackson, 42, made a poor decision when he dragged the dog by closing its leash in his car door, but he did not intend to hurt the dog.

When I read what he said in court it makes me wonder if witness testimony was heard, such as Tamnika Spencer who witnessed the cruelty and said at the time that Jackson “turned with the dog near the back of his car. And the dog was just screaming and hollering, screaming and hollering.”

When she flagged Jackson saying, “”Hey, you are dragging a dog.” Jackson responded, “Is it dead?” The woman called the police after seeing Jackson driving on St. Claire driving a Crown Victoria and dragging the dog. Spencer was amazed the he showed no remorse at all, just asked if the dog was dead then took off.

Police said that at 9:20 p.m. on Aug 7, a witness called police saying she saw Jackson dragging the Akita. She said Jackson shut the passenger door of his Crown Victoria on the dog’s leash and drove up St. Clair and onto East 69th Street. There, the witness shouted to Jackson and he opened the car door. The howling dog tumbled to the pavement and limped away.

Officers arrived and found Jackson still in his car. When they approached him, he asked, “is the dog dead?” They arrested him for animal cruelty and driving with a suspended license.

When you look at the picture above of the dog at the shelter he just does not strike me as scary. He was described as ‘amazingly docile.’ Who knows, maybe their standards for guilt and mine are just so different that when a person intentionally drags a defenseless dog down the road ‘screaming and hollering,’ maybe it’s ok. 🙁

And as for the stray Akita who ‘terrorized the neighborhood?’ The 18-month-old dog, now named Buddy, is fully recovered and will be given to a family, Cleveland dog warden John Baird said. 😀

Source – My Fox Cleveland

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