ceasarSocial networking sites are all the rage; to keep in touch with friends and family, for business, for networking and much more.   Two college students used one social networking site, Twitter, to do something very special, save a severely wounded pitbull.  Found on the side of the road, one of the dog’s front legs was in such bad shape it would need amputation and they also knew that a trip to the local shelter meant a death sentence for the dog they named Caesar.

So the two young College Station, TX women, Jamie Whitt and Connie Donnellan, animal lovers and rescuers, turned to Twitter and tweeted away, sharing information and asking for help.  They were amazed when people came through in a incredible way.  They had hoped to be able to cover at least a potion of the medical bill with donations but to their surprise a total of $485 in donations came in completely taking care of the $400 bill and leaving some for the additional care that Caesar will be needing.

Now they will be working to find a wonderful home for this sweet tripod pitbull.

Excellent work Jamie and Connie! Hope that Ceasar is doing better soon and finds a wonderful home.

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