Freddie Mosck - Dog Killer for Hire

See Update – 10/1/08 – Two in ‘Dog Killer for Hire’ Case Sentenced

UPDATE – 8/22/08 – Information from the Hearing

Freddie Mock, 53, of 229322 CR 2400N, Manito, IL, confessed ‘Dog Killer for Hire’ was arrested last month and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a Class 4 Felony. If convicted Mock would face up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000.

Mock was hired to kill a cocker spaniel for the sum of $25. He took the dog from the owner and drove to a wooded area near Goofy Ridge where he took the dog into the woods and proceeded to bash the poor dog over the head with the blunt end of an ax!

A woman actually caught Mock in the woods, told her he was going to the bathroom and took off. Hearing the bludgeoned dog wailing in pain, the woman called the police. when they arrived they found the dog in a lot of pain and was bleeding, with injuries to its head, back, jaw and mouth.

Despite emergency surgery, the dog was in too bad of shape to save and was euthanized the next morning.

A volunteer with Pets without Parents recognized the dog as one that was brought to be surrendered. The owner, Connie Vanderheiden, 47, of 207 S. Adams, asked if they would take a dog that bit.

She was told that because the dog had bitten someone it probably was not adoptable. She was advised to go to a veterinarian and have it euthanized for $30 or $35, Oldham said.

When she confronted the woman who owned the cocker spaniel, she said she had gotten rid of it, Oldham said, but she could not produce a veterinarian’s bill for euthanasia.

“She said, ‘There is no vet. I paid a guy $25 to kill my dog,'” Oldham said.

Vanderheiden was arrested July 17 for felony charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Now to the plea offer….

Although Mason County State’s Attorney Kristin Miller would confirm that an offer had been made to Freddie Mock’s attorney, she would not discuss details of it.

The details did come to light though. Mock himself confirmed that a plea offer of 90 days in county jail, with two years of probation, had been made. A condition allegedly was included in the offer that stipulated that Mock would not be allowed to own companion animals.

Freddie Mock did not take the plea bargain and pleaded not guilty. There will be a jury trial sometime in October.

We need to make sure this piece of trash ‘dog for hire’ killer doesn’t get off lightly!!

Call/write to these people TODAY to ask them NOT to lessen the sentence but to PUNISH to the FULLEST extent of the law: (see updated contact list below)

  • Co. St. Atty Kristen Miller: 309-543-4212 or (
  • Atty General Lisa Madigan: 312-814-3000 or
  • Judge Thomas Brownfield: 217-277-2055 or (

PLEASE take a moment and CALL Kristen Miller’s office, even if out of state. We want her to know that there is national outrage for what this man did to this poor dog!

Kristin Miller at
Mason County States Attorney Office
201 S Orange St
Havana, IL 62644

Her secretary, Heather, is taking names and location. The calls and pressure does help. Please be sure to be considerate and polite.

“That’s really sending a bad message to people in this county, (that) animal abuse is really not going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent,” Oldham said of the alleged terms of the plea offer.

Oldham said that when she questioned Miller about plea offer, she was told that 90 days would be sufficient punishment and that such a sentence would be supported by the community – and even that many people would think it was too severe a punishment for the crime.

“I said ‘Kristin, you will not believe how many people will contact you. People will be outraged,’” Oldham said. “It’s kind of heartbreaking to us. This is probably the worst case that we’ve had to deal with.”

Let’s show her how many people care… how outraged we are… and how much we want Freddie Mock prosecuted to the fullest extent to the law!!

UPDATE – 8/22/08

Information from the hearing in which Freddie Mock pled not guilty to the charge of animal cruelty;

Roger Thomson, Mock’s public defender, said the Illinois Department of Agriculture has not adopted clear codes on what methods of euthanasia are acceptable, which means Mock may not have been doing anything that violates existing laws.

“I’m wondering why we’re persecuting Mr. Mock and not the veterinarians of the state of Illinois, who euthanize animals every day,” he said.

Mason County State’s Attorney Kristen Miller said she obtained a copy of standards for euthanasia from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Thomson argued the standards have not been officially adopted by the agency.

Illinois Department of Agriculture State Veterinarian Dr. Mark Ernst said in a phone interview after the hearing that the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act requires that animals be humanely euthanized in a way that is painless.

Ernst said hitting a dog with a hammer would not meet those requirements.

Judge Thomas Brownfield said Miller established probable cause for the case against Mock. He set a trial date of Oct. 14.

Vanderheiden also is charged with animal cruelty. She also appeared in court Thursday, and a preliminary hearing for her is scheduled for next Thursday. (PJStar)

Please, be sure to write, call and email!!

Makes you wonder just how much he would charge for a non-canine killing?? Scary!!


Kristin Miller at
Mason County States Attorney Office
201 S Orange St
Havana, IL 62644
(speak with Heather, they are keeping track of calls)

Judge Bob Hardwick
(he will be the presiding judge over the court case)

Write – Attorney General Lisa Madigan
100 Randolph, 12th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601
(they will not keep track of calls or accept email)

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