JoeyThis is Joey, an adorable little 4-month-old, 26-lb pitbull puppy rescued from a Marysville, CA shelter. Dawn Capp, who runs The Chako Rescue Association for the American Pit Bull Terrier has been fostering this little cutie since he was just four weeks old and was thrilled when a Tennessee woman, Libby Sherrill, visited Joey, fell in love with him and decided she wanted to share her home and live with him.

All was well until Sherrill tried to take her new furry family member home. Continental Airline refused to allow her to take him due to a ban on flying pitbulls. Actually they will but only puppies and they much be under 6-month-old and weigh less than 20-lbs. Other than that, pitbulls are banned from flying Continental Airlines, a ban that had been in pace for years.

Their website says:

Continental Airlines will accept American Pit Bull Terrier puppies which are between 8 weeks and 6 months of age provided they do not weigh more than 20 lb (9 kg). All American Pit Bull Terriers more than 6 months old or weighing more than 20lb (9 kg) will be refused. Crossbreeds with American Pit Bull Terriers are also excluded from this embargo. This embargo is due to the danger presented to our aircraft and our customers.

“I think Continental’s restriction is ridiculous,” said Capp. “They will fly a 90-pound German Shepherd. They’ll fly a Rottweiler. They’ll fly just about every breed of dog but not a 4-month old pit bull puppy. I can’t imagine what a pit bull puppy would do that a 90-pound German Shepherd wouldn’t do.”

“I honestly don’t see how this is a safety issue,” she said. “He doesn’t have adult teeth yet. He still has his puppy teeth. What they’re doing is discriminating against a breed of dog.”

Now it’s time to get the word out to all pitbull and dog lovers to stay away from Continental. They are the only airline that flies pets which has enacted this type of restriction. Don’t pitbull have enough obstacles in their way without airlines discriminating against them now? More BSL BS!!

As for Joey, he had to be booked on a flight on American Airlines and a cost of about $275, a significant increase since the owner is flying too, to fly to his new home and Sherrill had to go home without her new baby and wait a few days to be reunited with Joey.

This story still has a wonderfully happy ending for one rescued puppy but let’s make sure it’s not so happy for Continental Airlines! Help to get the word out about their pitbull ban and let’s show them how we feel.

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Take Action

You can contact Continental at – 800.WE.CARE2 (800.932.2732) – love this number!

Here’s some additional contact info that is set-up to get in touch for questions or feedback regarding pets/animals traveling as cargo;


Web contact form

Postal Mail
Continental Cargo Service Center
Attention Animal Desk
553 North Park Central Dr., Suite 100
Houston, TX 77070

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