DoraYet again we see another ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence after the cruel and brutal death of a dog at the hands of an owner! Daniel Eliseo Zepeda Perez, 37, of Rifle, CO, was sentenced this week on an animal cruelty charge stemming from the June seizure of a dog he owned, Dora, a 3 year old Mastiff who weighed about half what she should have.

When Dora was rescued from this trash, she weighed only 74 pounds — about half her normal body weight. She had chronic hip pain, two blown ACLs and bone damage from a hind leg injury that wasn’t healing well. Dora was apparently hit by a car when she was 9 months old.

Staked out on a cable across the driveway from an unused dog house, surrounded by broken ceramic tiles and loose screws in the dirt, she attempted to nurse her five puppies in her broken and emaciated condition. She literally had to drag he hind end due to the debilitating pain and injury.

After Dora was rescued, vets tried valiantly to save her life saying that she was one of the sweetest dogs they had ever known. If only Perez could have had a tiny bit of the compassion these caregivers had for this poor dog!

“I can’t understand how such a sweet dog was allowed to suffer so greatly and in such pain,” Garfield County Animal Control Officer Aimee Chappelle said.

After three weeks, her caregivers finally had to admit that she was beyond the point where she could be saved.

“That decision was made because we had done a bone biopsy and that bone had come back damaged. She was extremely malnourished. She was having difficulty eating,” Langegger said. “I was hand feeding her canned dog food from my hand. She was walking on her front two feet but was unable to put weight on her back feet due to extreme pain. … It took two of us every morning to lift her and steady her enough just to stand up. She was in too much pain, and a dog walking on their front paws because they can’t bear to put their back feet down because it hurts so bad is no way for a dog to live.”

Thankfully her five puppies did all survive and were adopted into wonderful homes.

Perez’s sentence of probation and fines includes one year of unsupervised probation and to pay $4,000 to the Colorado Animal Rescue shelter in Garfield County and $5,584 in fines.

We can thank Garfield County Judge Jason Jovanovich for this latest bit of in-justice!

Contact Info
Judge Jason Jovanovich
Phone: 970-625-5100
Fax: 970-625-1125
110 East 18th Street
Rifle, CO 81650

Yet another damn shame! I cannot even say what I want to say about a legal system that allows a person to get away with causing such suffering and basically walk away…. I am seriously beginning to doubt there is any justice….

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