Nick Ague Nick Ague doesn’t believe what he did merits being called a hero but to many people out there a hero is just what this  Pennsylvania patrol officer is. On August 11, responding to an accident call, Ague heard that there were two dogs involved in the crash.  One dog was quickly found but the other dog, Mya, a German Shepherd, took off running.

“I heard other people say they saw a German shepherd running,” Ague said.  “Based on the location I could tell the dog was heading west.”

He and fellow officers attempted to find Mya but every time they got close, she took off.  Eventually, 2 miles down the road Officer Ague came upon the unmoving dog.  He realized that it wasn’t that she wouldn’t run anymore, but that she couldn’t!

“The dog was not moving because the skin on the pads of her feet was hanging, presumably because of the distance she ran,” Ague explained. “She ran two miles from the crash on hot asphalt.”

He then did the only thing he could, he picked up the injured and exhausted 75-pound-dog and carried her to her owner’s car, about 100 yards away.

The photo, posted on South Londonderry Township Police Facebook page on Sunday, has since received more than 2,000 likes, over 10,000 shares, and more than 1000 comments.

“This made my day!! Officer Ague is a true hero..if only everyone had such compassion. This guy deserves a medal,” says one comment.  “What a fabulous story about a cop from PA!!! So nice to know PA still has good cops who care! Thanks for restoring our faith, Ofc. Ague! You so totally rock!” says another.

“Just putting myself in the owners shoes, I would not want to be in that situation. I tried to right any wrong and do what I hoped someone would do for me,” Ague, who has a German shepherd of his own and described himself as “a huge animal lover,” said.

And now it looks like Officer Ague, who had petitioned the department for a K-9 Department, is going to get his wish. South Londonderry Police Announce K-9 Unit – The South Londonderry Township Police Department is very pleased to announce that we have begun the process of implementing a K-9 program. Patrolman Nick Ague will be heading up our program as the Handler. The recent attention garnered from Patrolman Ague’s involvement in helping an injured dog resulted in an overwhelming response and support for a K-9 program in our community.


Thank you Officer Nick Ague for reminding us of all the good LEOs out there, for going above and beyond the call of duty, for taking the time to rescue a furry family member and see her safely back in the loving embrace of her family.
As for Mya, her owner, Megan Smith, says she doing fine, her paws are almost healed and she’s walking normally… 🙂




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