A Philadelphia couple, the Rosenblatts, lost their beloved family dog, an Akita mix named Bruce, at the hands of an out-of-state, off-duty police officer. The 6-year-old dog was leashed at the time but the officer thought he might be attacked so he shot Bruce three times. Stan Rosenblatt rushed Bruce to the vet but it was too late.

According to the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s office no crime was committed and the off-duty officer was within his rights to carry and use the weapon outside of his jurisdiction. No charges have been filed but the incident is under investigation.

Mr. Rosenblatt is hurt and angry. He said that Bruce has never been aggressive, not toward people or other animals and doesn’t understand how someone can just come into their quiet community, no matter that he is an off-duty police officer, and just take the life of their furry four-legged family member.

I don’t understand it either. The dog didn’t have a chance.

The following excerpts are from a forum – Topix

As Bruce lay in the driveway, the owner screamed at the shooter and called him every name he could think of. The officer’s reaction was to point his gun at his chest and threaten him not to come any closer. Initially, the owner ignored his threat but as he took another step, he got into position to shoot him too. At that point the owner backed off and tried to tend to Bruce.

The Upper Gwynedd police came to The Reserve and took a statement from the shooter, but since he is a police officer we feel that there will be a “blue wall” between Bruce and justice. This was evidenced by the fact that the police interviewed the shooter for only a short time, but grilled the owner at the police station for more than 3 hours. They tried to get the owner to say that Bruce was a mean, aggressive dog, which is categorically not true.

The Upper Gwyneddd police were noted to have smiled and shaken Officer Jurjevich’s hand when they left The Reserve. They did not confiscate the gun, nor do they seem to be inclined to follow up with him. To add insult to injury, Office Jurjevich’s father (who always had taken time to talk to Bruce and pet him), in defense of his son’s actions, told the police that Bruce is a very aggressive dog. Many, many people in The Reserve who knew Bruce will tell you otherwise.

Y’know, I have great respect for officers of the law but am seeing too many of them too fast to draw their guns and shoot a dog down. The officer was from out of state, he wasn’t familiar with the people, community or pets but made a snap decision that cost a family the life of their beloved pet and will anything be done about it? So far I am hearing the usual that a police officer has a right to protect himself from even a perceived threat. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the threat is real or only in their mind.

It’s like another story I read yesterday about another dog that was shot even though it was on a lead in the backyard because the family was having a birthday party. For some reason the officer, instead of going up and knocking on the front door of the house, what any normal person would do, he went to the back of the property and when the dog came toward him, he shot it.

And of course he was within his right because he thought the dog was going to attack him and according to Garland, TX police, when it comes to aggressive dogs, their officers “are allowed to do what they feel is necessary at the time”

Then they follow up saying that dogs are not allowed to be tied out for their and other’s safety.  No apologies, no remorse.  We were afraid of your dog which should not have been in your own yard so we shot it.

I realize there are certain situation where an officer must draw their gun and some dogs really are dangerously aggressive but there is no way that this, cops shooting family pets at their home, especially when on lead, can be acceptable.  There needs to be some changes!

NOTE – Below the first comment, Andrea kindly provided us with names, email addresses and phone numbers.  You know what to do, contact, contact, contact!  Remember, be polite! Being abusinve and angry is only going to make them ignore you but be firm and get your point across.

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