stolen dog lexiOn May 6, Kenny Erickson and Ashley Preston’s 4-month-old pitbull puppy was stolen from their yard.  As any of us would be if one of our canine companion were ripped from us, they were heartbroken.

“My one pit bull came up to me, but she (Lexi) didn’t. I ran around looking for her, and found where someone grabbed her out of my yard on the side of the house,” he said.

For months they searched for their beloved Lexi, posting flyers, checking shelters, scouring papers and ads, all to no avail. Then they got a tip, someone told then that a woman was giving away a dog that matched their Lexi’s description.

“Someone called us and told us they knew of somebody who was trying to get rid of a pit bull and the description matched pretty closely to ours,” Ashley said.

Acting like potential buyers, they went over to the woman’s house and sure enough, the pup was definitely Lexi.

Needless to say, Lexi recognized Kenny and Ashley and was excited to see them again after months, the hardest part for them was not giving the whole thing away. Luckily, the woman didn’t see anything more in Lexi’s excitement then what she believed to be a connection with the pup and the potential adopters.

“She took to you so well,” Preston recalled the woman saying. “We acted like we were just one of those people looking for a dog. Not that our dog was stolen.”

Then, the woman actually admitted that the pup had been stolen, that it belonged to her nephew who was in jail and she’d have to check with him before giving the dog away.

Kenny and Ashley had had enough by that point, they called the police and brought the whole debacle to an end!

Now Lexi is back home where she belongs and Kenny and Ashley vow to keep a much better eye on their dogs, and charges have been brought against the woman who had her, Janice Wolfe, for possession of stolen property.

Couple Recovers Stolen Dog

“Now she’s being charged with a couple different counts and stuff. I want it to be known that if you get caught, which you will, you’re going to get prosecuted,” he said.


I just love a happy ending and am so glad Lexi is back home where she belongs!

Friends, it’s easy to think that something like this would never happen to you but in this day and age, there is always someone who is looking to take advantage of a situation, watching and waiting… don’t take a chance! Do what you have to do to make sure your canine companions are protected… tags, microchips, don’t leave them alone without supervision. They have only us…



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