Dog Found with TrashIf people decide for some reason that they no longer want a dog or can’t take care of it, wouldn’t it be just as easy to leave it with a shelter? Has today’s society taught us that living creatures are so disposable they you can actually, literally just thrown them in the trash? It’s disgusting!

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A couple found an emaciated and filthy dog Thursday night in a crate near a Dumpster, authorities said.

The dog, which investigators said appeared to be around 3 years old, was covered in garbage and oil.

The couple found the animal in a subdivision under construction in Liberty Township, authorities said.

“Who did this to this dog, because it’s not right,” said Leland Gordon, executive director of the Butler County Humane Society. “The dog wasn’t neutered, the dog wasn’t microchipped, the dog had no license on it and the dog was in lousy shape.”

Gordon said authorities would not likely find the dog’s owner without help from the public.

Anyone with information is asked to call 513-785-6542. (WLWT)

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