This is hideous.  I cannot believe that I have not put my fist through my front door after watching this video and reading the news reports on it.  What you are about to see is a premediated and deliberate act of animal cruelty.

This is Tyson, a 9-year-old Rottweiler/shepherd mix.  On June 23, his owner, Josh Luck, found him bleeding in the bushes. Josh Luck thought his dog was hit by a car.  But after taking Tyson to a specialist in Michigan, it was horrible news.

Tyson was not hit by a car.  He was shot twice, once through the eye and once through his chest.  Luckly the bullets managed to miss major artery and organs.  But two .45 bullets remain lodged in his front right leg.

On the same night, the police did get a 911 call regarding a dog.  Police say that Eric Skowron (who lives down the street from the Lucks) called 911 the night of the incident to say he had “shot a dog several times that was attacking his dog.”  But the responding officers didn’t find any injuries on Skowron’s dog.

Eric Skowron shot a dog.  And Josh Luck had a bleeding dog that had been shot.  And if you didn’t know either dog well you might say that Tyson could have been the threat to Skowron’s dog,  putting together what little information you have so far.

Until surveillance video revealed the truth.

Josh Luck’s neighbor has surveillance video around his home. It shows two suspects, a male and female, in Josh’s driveway. The male suspect pets Tyson, then the two pull off in a black car.

Moments later, the car comes back, the female suspect gets out of the car, goes into the backyard and steals Tyson. The video shows the female suspect walking the dog and the male suspect driving down the street.

Twenty minutes later, Tyson stumbles, limps, then collapses in the front yard.  It’s all here on the surveillance video.

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NOTE – the video is not graphic but disturbing all the same just knowing what happens between the time the dog is kidnapped and when he returns to his home.

After the Toledo Area Humane Society reviewed video footage from the scene, animal cruelty charges were filed against Eric Skowron, 34, of Toledo, Ohio and Alisha Marie King, 29, of Lambertville, Michigan.  Each charged with one count of prohibitions concerning companion animal torture and one count of killing or injuring animals. The prosecutor’s office is still considering additional charges against the pair for criminal trespass, illegal discharge of a firearm, petty theft, and filing a false police report.

They staged the whole thing.  Kidnapped Tyson, took him down the road, shot him, and called 911 to report Tyson attacked their dog.   Eric Skowdon and Alisha King are cold, calculating twisted individuals to pull a stunt like this.   For what?  For fun???  Kicks??  Attention??

To maybe take attention off their own dog for some reason???  In news interview with The Toledo Blade, the neighborhood mailman, Bob Collins, said that Tyson is almost always friendly and well-behaved.   But Eric Skowron’s dog is a different story.

“His dog is bad,” Mr. Collins said. “It’s come at me before and he’s had to pick up a shovel and chase it away from me.”

The Lucks do allow Tyson to walk freely in the neighborhood but they state Tyson is always friendly and there have been no complaints.  And if the neighborhood mailman vouches for Tyson’s good behavior, then, hey…that is a good dog!!

Skowron stated he thought the wandering dog was a threat to his own dog; that is why he shot Tyson.  But most normal people call animal control, or take it up with the owner.  Not stage a whole production around it.

Tyson’s owners would like Skowron and King to pay Tyson’s mounting medical bills, already up to $7,000.  Those two also need to be charged with everything else that can be thrown at them.  I hope the prosecutor follows through.

In fact, I think a letter blast to the Prosecutors Office is in order.  The Chief Prosecutor is David L. Toska.  The office address is:  Toledo Municipal Court Building, 555 N. Erie Street, Toledo, OH 43604 phone: 419.245.1975, fax: 419.245.1083. Remember, polite indignation is the key.

Tyson is doing remarkably well but he is not out of the woods yet.  He will require surgery to remove the injured eye and the bullets that are still left in his leg.  His owners do need help with his medical bills.  You can go to any Fifth Third Bank to make a donation.  Tending for Tyson.  If you do not have a Fifth Third Bank available, you can write a check for Tending for Tyson, on the memo line put “Care of Tyson”,  and send it to Tending for Tyson, 1308 North Reynolds Road, Toledo, Ohio 43615.  Tyson’s even has a Facebook.  Facebook users can join his support page, Tending for Tyson.

Eric Skowron also has a Facebook.  And a Myspace.  It’s reported he works for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant, and has been bragging about shooting a dog to his coworkers and Facebook friends.  Looks like there is going to be quite the meltdown in Eric Skowron’s miserable twisted life.  And his skank, Alisha King, needs to have her butt kicked to the moon for following along with her cowardly shithead boyfriend.

Eric Skowron’s arraignment will be on July 16.  We will be watching.

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