This is yet another story of someone putting their dogs for sale on Craigslist with sad consequences.

Trace McKenzie and her championship bulldog Brayden have been together since the day he was born. His parents were hers, too. But when she moved to Des Moines, her house was much smaller. The dogs were too much for her home.

McKenzie put Lily and Bently (Brayden’s parents) on Craig’s List. She wasn’t looking to make a buck, but to find a good home for the pair. A Des Moines woman answered her ad.

It all started out so well. McKenzie thought she had all her bases covered with the contract; no selling, visitation rights, etc. But that all changed after a couple weeks. No more visits, then the email saying the dogs escaped when they were very docile, home-dog type dogs who had never left their yard. And threats to file harassment charged if McKenzie contacted her again.

A year later still nothing….

“He (the sergeant) said that in his experience all the dogs that have come off of Craig’s List have either ended up in dog fighting rings or killed. He said they find them in ditches… horror stories.”

Tom Colvin with the Animal Rescue League said he’s heard the horror stories.

“If somebody is looking for animals for dog fighting or illegal breeding or any number of things, that (Craig’s List) is quite a shopping list people can look through,” Colvin said.

McKenzie still hopes… but has contacted a lawyer.

“I would love to see them back,” McKenzie said. ” I would love for some kind soul to say ‘I have your dogs and they told me to keep quiet and here they are.’  I would love that.  I would love some kind soul to do that.”

But says placing her dogs for sale on Craigslist was the worst mistake of her life….


Friends, obviously this is not always the case and thankfully there are many wonderful people who do adopt and rescue from Craigslist but just a warning to those who offer their pets on Craigslist, think twice!

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