sumter_air_1Dwayne Sumter, the other Fort Bliss animal abuser, was sentenced to 120 days in the county jail, to be served on weekends for failing to report to his probation officer, failing to comply with family counseling, and animal cruelty.

Sumter was placed on probation after an assault against his wife in March of 2007. When he was charged for animal cruelty for leaving his pit bull to die in his garage, it was a violation of his probation.

I love what his lawyer stated to the press.  “He took accountability for his actions and we believe the court was just today.”

JUST? This is justice? Look at this picture.


Look at this poor thing.  She was locked in a plastic crate, chewed her way out, and crawled to a suitcase that was left behind.  She died in the only place that gave her comfort, the suitcase of her owners.  The same two who left her to die.

This poor dog died a horrible, slow and lonely death.  And the lawyer thinks his sentence was *just*.  Between Sumter’s lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge, they came up with a “just” sentence of 120 days to be served on weekends. What the hell kind of sentence is that?   The sentence itself is a crime.

I don’t have any faith left in punishment for animal abusers.  The sentences are pitiful, designed to keep the court dockets clear of any appeals, and sends a clear cut message regarding animal cruelty crimes.  As in “do the crime and there ain’t much time”.

sumter_1Search this site; we have a whole mess of crap sentences for this abuse.  Nicole Spatig starved her dog and received a year on probation.   Daniel and Norma Luna, another two who starved their dog received a whopping one year on probation.   And then there’s Steve Croley, the High Caliber Killer.  Starved 12 dogs where 7 had died and received only 4 months.  They weren’t even his dogs!

And that’s only a fraction of what’s out there!  When are the courts and lawmakers going to wake up!  When there’s anarchy?

Back to Sumter.  His wife, Tnelda, still faces animal cruelty charges herself.  Here is a picture of the happy couple from his MySpace Account.  I like what his profile says…”Idiot.”   Got that right, buddy.

You know, hell is guarded by a three-headed dog.  One day I hope he feasts well.

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Thanks Andrea.  I just don’t have anything more to say, not that I haven’t said again and again and again.  Like you, I’ve about lost my faith in the justice system.  And sadly, these two have a child. Animal abusers who have children scare me. It scares me to think that if the innocent child becomes an inconvenience or problem, especially after a warning like this, they’ll be in court again and I guess their lawyer will say, “Here’s the point. There are a lot of mitigating circumstances and a lot of things that were actually happening during that time. It was tragic,” just like Sumter’s did.Always excuses, never taking responsibility for their cruel, heartless actions! 🙁

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