Dogs Deserve Better LogoTipton, PA — Dogs Deserve Better, a national nonprofit working to end the suffering endured by dogs kept chained or penned for life, announced today that they’re seeking input from YouTube viewers on what to do with donated NFL tickets the organization has received; tickets which they’d planned to raffle off to raise funds for their work for chained and penned dogs.

Many animal organizations are currently boycotting the NFL in light of the Michael Vick case.

The donated tickets are for the August 26th game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles, a game highly anticipated each year in Pennyslvania.

Tammy Grimes, founder of the organization, feels it is very ironic the donation has come this year. “We’ve never had football tickets donated before, and were very excited about it, especially because it’s the Pennsylvania rivalry…but we cannot in all good conscience raffle these tickets off as intended at this point in time. We’re looking for YouTube viewers most creative ideas on what to do with the tickets, so log into our YouTube site today at YouTube to voice your opinion!”

Grimes mad the trip to Richmond for the 3:00 p.m. rally on Thursday, July 26. “Dog fighting takes our issue to the utmost levels of cruelty imaginable; not only are the dogs short-chained on thick logging chains to build their muscles and frustration, but they are then subjected to horrendous deaths for the enjoyment of sick individuals.

I implore dog lovers the world over to help us finally end this intensely cruel practice.”

Dogs Deserve Better ( is a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Tipton, Pennsylvania, is the 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA Pet Protector Award, and currently has over 150 area reps in 38 states as well as in Canada and France.

Tammy S. Grimes
Executive Director
Dogs Deserve Better
P.O. Box 23
Tipton, PA 16684
Phone : 814.941.7447
Fax : 814.742.8679

DDB’s Page on Vick and Dogfighting

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