Update 6/19/09 – Investigation Leads to Animal Abuser Who Dumped Critically Injured Dog – VIDEO

This is the story of a horrifically injured dog and a hero.  Last week a woman in an older green van drove up to the Humane Society in Dickson, TN, open the door and dumped a dog out, saying she didn’t want it anymore and sped off.

A Humane Society worker chased after the ran but was unable to catch up to it and it was quite obvious that the dog was seriously injured, even though she too attempted to chase after the van and the owner that so unceremoniously dumped her.

When the dog, a 3-4 year old Lab/border collie mix that shelter workers named Hania, a Lakota word meaning “spirit warrior,” was examined, they found that half the dog’s face was practically missing, either from being shot or possibly hit by a vehicle, and the dog had been living with this injury for an extended period of time, possibly months.  She had also recently given birth to a litter of puppies and was still nursing.

The hero in this story is Dr. Barry Fly of Nolensville, a veterinarian who donated his time to perform the desperately needed surgery on Hania that will allow her to live a more normal life.

Hania’s left eye had to be removed, Fly said Friday, and “we had to reform her lips and around her mouth area. We had to remove some fractured teeth that had caused an infection.”

Thankfully Hania is healing well and unlike most dogs, won’t look at a visit to the vet’s as something traumatic but as something that is welcome because now she can actually do something that was almost impossible for her before, she can eat.

“She has become our clinic pet,” Fly said. “Everybody wants to pet her and feed her. She seeks out affection. She’s going to make somebody a great dog.”

Now authorities want to try to track down the woman who dumped Hania. She could be charged with animal cruelty; illegally abandoning an animal and not giving it proper medical attention.

As for Hania, her future is looking much brighter now. After she recovers she’ll have a chance to be adopted into the loving home she should have had from the start.

Kudos to you Dr. Fly and of course wishing the best to Hania! As for the despicable cretin who left this poor girl to suffer injured for possible months, may you burn in hell and feel a measure of the suffering, pain and misery you put this sweet dog through!

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