Dr. William Baber at hearing The cruel Galatin, Tennessee Vet, Dr. William Baber, who became notorious after an undercover video showed his torturous euthanasia methods was suspended for four months, fined $2000 and will be on probation for five years after a hearing yesterday which included 6 hours of testimony.

At the end of his suspension, the Tennessee Board of Veterinary Medicine will then decide whether to revoke his license completely.Baber Injects into the heart for a cruel death

This story came to light in early November when an undercover video showed Baber administering intracardial injections while he was under contract to the Sumner County Animal Shelter His method was to have a jail trustee hold the dog or cat up and stick the lethal injection into their hearts.

“He hits them with the needle. They flip. They flop,” said a source who didn’t want his identity disclosed to the public. “They’re just basically going nuts. They’re yelping.”

At some points in the video, he appeared to step on some of the animals’ heads to keep them still before he injects them.

Under Tennessee law, intracardial injections are not illegal but Tennessee’s Non-livestock Animal Humane Death Act states that “intracardial injection by hypodermic needle [should] only if performed on heavily sedated, anesthetized, or comatose animals.”

Baber’s excuse is that he didn’t know the law was changed in 1982 and blames the board from not keeping him informed of changes in statutes.

“I don’t know what else could have been done,” he said. “If I had known about the stature change, that would have solved a lot of this but I didn’t and as a result, this has come about.”

After the story came to light, he was temporarily suspended, then reinstated until yesterday’s hearing and now he will be suspended at least four months and if he is reinstated after that time he won’t be allowed to work in an animal shelter. The board ordered Baber to take a certified euthanasia course and undergo grief counseling.

Maybe I’m wrong but I thought it was up to medical professionals  to keep up with medical happenings through medical journals, associations, etc.  His excuse s so typical of so many in society today, place the blame on someone else.  Well, for all Baber’s blame placing, it looks like the Board ultimately placed the blame squarely where it belonged, on his shoulders!  Any medical professional that can’t keep up with what’d going on doesn’t deserve to keep practicing!

Source – Tennessean, WKRN

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