This was originally posted earlier this year, shortly after Timothy Wallisch was arrested. He is due in court this month. Please take a moment to read this. To date he has only been charged with a misdemeanor in this cruel crime. You can make your feelings know by writing to the address shown at the bottom.

Far too many dogs and animals are viciously and cruelly slain and never receive the justice due to them. Too many people live with the mentality that ‘it’s just a dog’. Yes, it is ‘just‘ a dog, but dogs are living, breathing, feeling creatures and they deserve our care and concern. They feel every bit of hurt and pain that is meted out to them and that they do not ever deserve!!

This heart-wrenching story comes to us from Joliet, IL. Animal cruelty charges were filed on 6/1/07 against Timothy Wallisch, 28, of 310 S. Hebbard St., months after the body of his pet pit bull was found buried in an alley. Wallish has not yet been arrested and at the moment this is a misdemeanor charge but Charles B. Pelkie, spokesman for State’s Attorney James Glasgow’s office said, “Other aspects of the case remain under investigation and we’re contemplating additional charges.”

The additional charges may step this up to a felony.

Wallisch is accused of tossing his dog over a fence and into his backyard in March. The dog’s bloody body then found its way into a shallow grave behind Wallisch’s house.

Bob Darin, a state-licensed animal crimes investigator, exhumed the body of the pit bull from the alley running between Hebbard and Siegmund streets after neighbors made allegations of its owner’s brutality.

The right side of the dog’s body was caked with blood. Darin said one leg appeared broken and the animal bore marks consistent with a beating.

A necropsy performed on the body revealed the dog suffered contusions and fractures to its skull, severe brain damage, bruises to its neck and chest, injuries to its lungs and other organs and a dislocated shoulder, according to a letter from veterinarian Michael Buedel of Plainfield. The dog also had shredded pieces of plastic in its stomach.

“Because the dog was found in a similar plastic bag, one can (hypothesize) that the dog was still alive in the bag and tried to eat its way out,” Buedel said in his letter. (Herald News)

This was a brutal crime against this dog! There is no excuse for something like this. If it’s found that Wallish did this to this poor dog he needs to face some seriously stiff penalties! I am so tired of the ‘slap on the wrist’ mentality of the judicial system when it comes to the abuse of dogs and animals! Someone who does something like this to a dog is just one small step away from doing this to a person!

NOTE – 12/7/07 – When the misdemeanor charge was filed in June, the Office of the State’s Attorney stated that additional charges were being considered, but the defendant is due in court on December 14 and no additional charges have yet been filed. Please contact the state’s attorney and ask him to give full and immediate consideration to felony charges in this matter. A mere slap on the wrist would be a gross miscarriage of justice in this case.

Please send your polite comments to:

The Honorable James W. Glasgow
Office of the State’s Attorney, Will County
121 N. Chicago St.
Joliet, IL 60432
815-727-8405 (fax)

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