It was almost a year ago when the brutally tortured body of Timothy Wallisch’s dog was found in a shallow grave behind his South Hebbard Street house. The body was discovered after complaints from neighbors about Wallisch’s brutality.

During the necropsy, the dog’s body which had lain in the shallow grave since March when Wallisch threw it over a fence, it was found that the right side of the dog’s body was caked with blood. Bob Darin, a state-licensed animal crimes investigator, said one leg appeared broken and the animal bore marks consistent with a beating.

It also revealed the dog suffered contusions and fractures to its skull, severe brain damage, bruises to its neck and chest, injuries to its lungs and other organs and a dislocated shoulder, according to a letter from veterinarian Michael Buedel of Plainfield. The dog also had shredded pieces of plastic in its stomach.

“Because the dog was found in a similar plastic bag, one can (hypothesize) that the dog was still alive in the bag and tried to eat its way out,” Buedel said.

In June when Wallisch was arrested, he was charged with only misdemeanor animal cruelty to the dismay and disgust of many. At the time, the Office of the State’s Attorney stated that additional charges were being considered and last week a grand jury handed down a felony indictment.

Wallisch will remain free on his previous bond. He is due to appear in court May 9.

Darin said he took satisfaction in the indictment.

“I testified before the grand jury,” Darin said. “I feel they made the right decision.”

As I said when I originally wrote about this horrific crime; This was a brutal crime against this dog! There is no excuse for something like this. If it’s found that Wallisch did this to this poor dog he needs to face some seriously stiff penalties! I am so tired of the ’slap on the wrist’ mentality of the judicial system when it comes to the abuse of dogs and animals! Someone who does something like this to a dog is just one small step away from doing this to a person!

I can hope that an example is made of this vicious miscreant! Until the judicial system starts handing down serious punishments for these kinds of crimes, people will continue the think they can get away with them and if they can get away with this, why shouldn’t they be able to get away crimes against people too?? Who will be the next victim; a family member, friend or acquaintance?

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