Update 5/27/11:  Evelyn got her refund.  Check out the update at The Consumerist.

Oh they have done it again.  Another story about pet mishaps from The Consumerist.  This dog did not die, but, the treatment his owner got by Delta is deplorable.

Seems a gal named Evelyn and her dog was booked on a Delta flight from JFK (New York) to Los Angeles.  Her dog was to fly as checked baggage.  Her dad made all reservations and was ensured by the reservations clerk her 1) dog had a reservation, and 2) cost for the dog was $200.  Settled right?


WRONG.  The run-around that Evelyn got dealing with Delta was so incompetent that, if it were me, I’d be in handcuffs by the police or TSA – whoever – after I got done ripping them a few new ones.

Delta could not find her dog’s reservation.  Delta’s Cargo clerks didn’t bother trying to find out what went wrong with the reservation and left it to Evelyn and her Dad to make all phone calls.  She was the only customer there and they make her do their work in straightening out the mess.  When they finally get around to weighing dog and crate (after an hour of fooling around), they charge her $591.  In order for her dog to fly, she paid it.  She barely made it to the gate for her flight.

Delta has some pretty lazy cargo clerks on the payroll.

When she arrived in L.A., she was told to wait for her dog at baggage claim.  After nearly an hour and no dog, baggage claim insisted she continue to wait for her dog.  While they were insisting, LAX-Delta Cargo calls her and says “hey we got your dog here”.  When she gets to the facility, she finds her poor dog terrified, dehydrated (with no water), and stuffed in a corner somewhere.

Because of their incompetence, Evelyn wants a refund.  But Delta Customer Service informs her there is “no mechanism in place for a refund”.   Talk about adding insult to insult.

Delta is quite incompetent.  But we knew that.

This airline is an Epic Fail.  How the people employed there manage to walk, never mind fly a 747, is beyond me.

The Consumerist seems to be keeping tabs on Delta and their pet mishaps.  GOOD.  Here is the original post at The Consumerist that includes Evelyn’s letter to Delta.  Good Luck, Evelyn.  Nobody likes being featured on The Consumerist.  Hopefully you get a refund.

And a message to Delta.  You guys had better be watching The Consumerist and other news outlets whenever you ffffffffffffffffffff….screw up with someone’s pet.  You’re on the radar.

If you don’t read The Consumerist everyday, you should!

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