Dallas4Dallas3Unbelievable!! After seizing 28 dogs from a South Dallas home, animal services returns the dogs to the owner even though pictures of the animals show the dogs to be emaciated and covered with sores.

Is this the way an animal shelter is supposed to operate? Look at the pictures of these dogs and if you can come up with one sane, reasonable reason why they would be returned, please, tell me!

Dallas1They were not treated for their numerous wounds and open sores, they were not spayed and neutered which is supposed to be mandated, they were not microchipped which is supposed to be mandate. No animal cruelty investigation was ever initiated. Two days after 28 dogs, dogs in terrible shape, living in horrendous conditions, all but one were returned to the owner. And no only were 28 emaciated, injured dogs found, there were also the remains of dogs that were left to die, just piles of bones. And they returned dogs!! I just do not even know what to say about such unbelievable incompetence!!

Whoever made the decision to return those poor dogs needs to be charged with animal cruelty because that’s exactly what this was! This shelter needs to be investigated and a serious overhaul undertaken. If dogs found in these conditions, in this shape, is considered acceptable, what does count as abuse? If pile of bones, dogs left to die, is not considered abuse, what is??

Contact info for Dallas Animal Services

1818 N. Westmoreland Road
Dallas, Texas 75212
Phone – 214-670-8246
Fax – 214-243-1855

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