DancerLooks like our little Dancer may have some competition for the tiniest dog title… or not. Dancer’s opponent, Chiqulla, a 3.5″ Chihuahua. But Chiqulla is only 5 months old and still has plenty of growing time left while Dancer, at 4″ is already a year old and done growing!

Read more about Dancer here and here.

Go Dancer!!

From UPI

Two Chihuahuas vie for tiniest dog title
NEW YORK, May. 14 (UPI) — The Guinness Book of World Records’ title for tiniest dog has come down to Chihuahuas from Leesburg, Fla., and Rockland County, N.Y.

The spot for the record has been open since Danka, a 5.4-inch Chihuahua died last year, The New York Post reported Monday.

The 4-inch dog from Florida, Dancer, was entered in by owner Jenny Gomes, 40, who said her dog is 1 year old and is done growing.

ChiqullaThe New York entry — Chiqulla — is 3.5-inches tall, may be half an inch shorter than Dancer but she is also only 5 months old and may not be done growing.

“I’d be ecstatic (if she won), ’cause that’s my doggie!” Chiqulla’s owner, Emily Alvarez of Valley Cottage in Rockland County, told the Post. “To me, she seems so much tinier than the other dog.”

But, Chiqulla will have to wait until December, when she has her first birthday to officially try for the title, the newspaper said.

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